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Published on Mar 20, 2012

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Comments • 1,070

I do not understand the hype around this movie.  Casting was terrible.  Pacing was terrible.  Script was cliched.  Characters were not well-developed.  Other than shaky cam, the only good thing was cinematography. I expected to enjoy the movie, as I enjoyed the first book.  The last two books of the trilogy were subpar, so I have low expectations for these movies.
Matt Shelden
Explain to me how this review is funny. Complete waste of time time and server space.
Charlie Richstone
3.7 out of 5 for me. Some draggy parts and I hate shaky cam. Though this is a pretty well done and really good film
I found this movie extremely disappointing, over-hyped, and overrated. I didn't read the books, and it seems that whether someone did or didn't really affects whether they liked the movie. Everyone I know that had read the books says the same thing, "The movie didn't live up to what I hoped for, and it missed a lot of important beats, but I still enjoyed it and was excited to see these characters come to life on screen.". I really think that having read the books, people are unable to judge the film on it's own. Those who have read the books are subconsciously able to fill in any missing information and underdeveloped narratives or mythos with their knowledge from the canon, and they're going in with a bias attachment to the characters. As long as the characters are done justice, or are at least reasonable portrayals of the book's versions, they're already close to satisfied. When they see the slums or bourgeois cities, they see a complex world of socio-political-economic intricacies, characters with interesting and understood motivations, relationships with subtle nuances and histories, etc.. When I see the same things, I see a very cliched campy scifi dystopia, scenes of teen drama that look like they were stolen from a CW show like Dawson's Creek or Smallville, and relationships that seem weak or underdeveloped. I found the silly bourgeois world to be completely absurd and unbelievable. Maybe the book is able to sell how the rich people of the world all became victorian burning-man clowns, but the movie doesn't. It doesn't fully explain the history of the games, as in how the world was motivated into creating and accepting this competition. On top of that, the visual style, from CG vistas to costumes was bad. It will be one of those movies that in twenty years we'll look back and say, "That looks so 2010's.". It will not age well, and will look dated far too soon. The games themselves are the only exciting or interesting part of the movie, but that part of the movie has been done in Battle Royale, so the one saving grace of the movie isn't even a unique idea. No, Battle Royale is not The Hunger Games. It is a gore fest with no real narrative or universe, but the things it lacks are the things the Hunger Games falls flat on. The actress who played Katniss was great, and she carries the movie, but still, when I watched this movie, I was absolutely underwhelmed. Aside from her actual journey in the competition, I found myself either not believing or not caring.
FCB 2513
+groomedtodie I didn't read the books. But the movie was well shot, well directed, the characters were there, the pacing, story, build-up and development was great. 8.4/10
Haha I'm actually the opposite. Couldn't stand the first book. Forced myself to read it. I didn't feel katniss evolved all that much in the books. Haven't finished the 3rd yet, but I didn't like the book persona, tho I understand her. I just didn't see the character development Kristian kept mentioning. I loved Jennifer's interpretation a lot more. The first book had a bunch of things I didn't enjoy. If you thought the movie felt like a camp, I felt the book had more of that. The only thing I would say I thought the movie didn't do well was the rue-katniss relationship. The book beautifully captured the agony that movie couldn't do. 
Faith's Movie Reviews
It's actually districts 1, 2 and 4 that have the most winners.
Aria Jia
I went to the movies and did not yet read the movies. I literally feel in love. I don't understand how you guys have such a medium opinion of the movie. I can understand how the one didn't like it as much as the books but the one who didn't read it should have really enjoyed it.
American Goy
Didn't enjoy this movie. I went into it expecting to really enjoy it. It really seemed like a movie that would be right up my alley...very disappointed. 
Madeline Nagy
Did you do a trailer review on Catching Fire yet
Madeline Nagy
I'm with you Ellis on whistling
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