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Published on Nov 9, 2010

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Eminem & Lil Wayne sing about Call of Duty Black Ops
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Yeah! Lil Weezy. Fresh outta prison. Weapon possession. Now i gotta play with video game guns! Talkin' Call of Duty Black Ops! Eminem.... shoot 'em!

I'm always stayin' up late, to play the best game around.
An Activision cash cow. Made by Treyarch.
Call of Duty. Call of Duty. Black Ops. Black Ops.
I'm playin' Black Ops
They thought they were pretty great, i shot them down to the ground
They play this game like a clown. Ha ha.
Call of Duty. Call of Duty. Black Ops. Black Ops.
I'm playin' Black Ops

I'm alive again. It's a video game i can die, respawn and come back again.
Warning, grenades'll blow up as i begin to pull out the pin.
You're a little bit slow and you're .... toast!
This Kill Streak is kickin' in
I give an, education with this domination so sick that they quit, n' they pack it in.

Looks like i'm gonna win again.
It's a sin they're kin's on the in-ternet.
Look at these players, how i shoot 'em, so why the **** would i join 'em when i mute 'em?
They call me a cheat, can't believe that, i could so thoroughly beat 'em
Man, i control this whole entire stage. And i heard that, Kanye toasted ME! (yeah)

Grab my soda and chips. Think about that whippin' while i'm dippin'.
Yeah, that match was tight, but i'm
'bout to play the greatest game of all time,
so they might want to wear a flak jacket tonight, and um
Hit record, my score can't be ignored. Upload it on You Tube, n study the pro.
i can't wait for the page to update. Let's see if i get as many kills as views tonight.

It's an adrenaline rush to play the game with Lil' Wayne,
beatin Hailey and Laney by 8 Miles
Set fire to the mic and ignite my couch, now i ain't got no where to sit down
Cold War runnin' on a Quad Core PC, i pre-order now i'm poor
n I got plenty other copies. On DS, PS3, 360 and even the Wii

On the scoreboard i'm on the top, ain't gonna drop
while i flip over their Monopoly board
That means i ruined their game, and i'm off to play that Zombie Mode.
Game is so good that you gotta play it,
but i'm at it so much, i can't Prestige anymore.
Well, i never get sick of this shit, that's it, i don't hear you trash talkin' anymore.

And you'll never find me outside.
Or at the store, cause my kill/death ratio's 'bout to soar.
We're playin' this world wide. So let's go.
Get an ipad and you better take note.
And, while you're at that grab.... that ****ing Call of Duty app.
Give the game props. Nothin' but fun. I'll pop a shotgun to their chops.
I'm playin' Black Ops


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