Open Carry Hardee's Incident (part 1)





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Published on Aug 20, 2011

The first video of ther series!

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An ex-cop who is afraid of guns?? ­čĄö´╗┐
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Trino Ponce
+Michael Burke .... very well said. You have the right to bare fire arms if you so choose to. If somebody has a problem with it, well that's their problem. It is not illegal to carry a fire arm; if it bothers you, get out of the country. ´╗┐
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guns, fast food, camera phones, obesity. This is American as FUCK!!!´╗┐
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danny boyo
ninmachine109 : 'Murica, fuk yeah!´╗┐
Misty Witon
Super funny. War Eagle´╗┐
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Cops on power trips...not a surprise. Asking for the camera to be turned off...not a surprise. Getting harassed for carrying a gun...not a surprise. This guy did not break any laws. Since when did America become un-american? Guns are as American as apple fucking pie. The guy was with his family and did not approach anybody. Fuck everyone who thinks this guy was wrong for choosing to carry a firearm. Sure, concealed carry is the best way to carry, but this guy is his own man and can do what the fuck ever he wants. If you're reading this and have a problem with anything I said...fuck you. ´╗┐
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Guns, like it or not, Created and Built America.´╗┐
danny boyo
IronMike212 : There is not a single person on this video that wasn't buttfucked by their father.´╗┐
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This overweight family didn't need to be in a Hardee's anyways. The manager did them a favor.´╗┐
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danny boyo
lostchild2003 : All these child fucking christian tards need to be sterilized.´╗┐
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les c
Eveyone who is talking shit about americans is jealous because they dont have the freedoms we have.´╗┐
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Reginald Jones
+Andrew Jighunter you don't know what I do.´╗┐
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"We will no longer go to a Hardee's in the state of Alabama!" Good, don't, nobody cares.´╗┐
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Meir Teichman
+ColonelChaos0┬áhow so? ┬ái am trying to be curtious to you and while i admit i did troll you that one time i legitimately wanted discussion and i think i agree with the core tennants of gun rights. ┬ái will correct any behavior you will deem assholish if it will make me more approchable but since i dont know what i have done wrong you have to explain ^^; it cal all be a misunderstading.´╗┐
+Meir Teichman Because you're an asshole.´╗┐
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benny robinson
what a family of morons.. I bet the manager was relieved when the pig mom said they would never go to another hardee's.┬á´╗┐
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Wun Hung Lo
thunderbird002 i would cunt slap you. you have a smart ass mouth´╗┐
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derek melton
excuse me sir but I'm gonna have to ask you to turn down the volume on that mustache please!!´╗┐
+derek melton┬á this mustache warrior is a pecker head´╗┐
+derek melton Its thick as fuck´╗┐
Percy Cortez
Open carry if allowed is fine. Not walking away from a verbal confrontation is retarded. And I don't mean the manager. All you had to do is walk away from the other ex cop. Just walk away....away...away. Not walking away turned you and your family into disrespectful citizens looking for trouble. Trumping your first initiative of exercising your right to bear arms, TO completely disturbing the peace of the other patrons in the restaurant. Not to mention your arrogance towards the people present. Anyways.....something tells me your bark is worse than your bite. The louder one is, the dumber and weaker.´╗┐
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Come to AZ. NO ONE BOTHERS YOU!:) Allowed to OC or CC with or without a permit´╗┐
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Kalash Strelok
not12u Speak for yourself, I've been hassled several times, but I live in Communist Tucson.´╗┐
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