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Published on Mar 23, 2007

Westboro Baptist Church Protesting at Military Funerals

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And we pray that you die in that Afghanistan and then you will burn in hell, and we will pee on your grave singing How great is our GOD.
Pasnic Peace
Evil people, they will be the most judged in the end and God will look away from them.
Why they want us to not worship the dead.Mean then we should not worship Jesus because he died and we should stop worshiping both god and satan because they've never been alive What the fuck fucking parrents made there kids protest wish I wasn't a 13 year old so I could shoot these madafucking bastereds on sight
dude if I was in the same country as you and if I went to your funeral I would pack 1 hell of a arsenal prepared for those protesters and if even 1 protester came I would shoot every single protester on the madafucking planet
Josiah Mardirosian
If you protest about a "Fucked up piece of shit country that god hate" then why the fuck are you guys still here go to mexico or somewhere and do that shit there. I guarentee you you wont be there that long let alone on this earth.
jessica ayers
all i can say to this is these are the people who should have to go live in third world countries or countries ran by dictators. they shouldnt be allowed to live in america. any moron who uses god to justify their hate is just asking for it. god will not be made a hypocrite and they will not get away with it. god is about love and these people are making a mockery of religion. they should have their rights revoked. 
matt jones
And people wonder y people dont want to be christians....If u cant stand behind the troops by God stand in front then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bryant Uldrich
i lost my brother over there i leave next week fuck you people i hope you all go to hell
WHAT THE FUCK DO THOSE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE DOING god bless dead marines fuck them who do you think is fighting for their right to hold up those signs?
Minecraft IsMyLife
If god hates america why don't you move to different fuckin country assholes. Plus The only reason you are able to hold those signs is BECAUSE of the men and women over seas Dying for your right to talk shit like that. Only one thing i wanna say to you mother fuckers. GO TO HELL!
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