Vindictus Holiday 2011: Defend the Goodies! Event





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Uploaded on Jan 8, 2012

In this event, up to four players would set off to a special Hoarfrost Hollow map do defend a giant sack of presents from the holiday-themed fomors. It could only be run 7 times per day. The map, split in to two parts, had a long trench in the middle with a bridge at one side to be used for players to change sides if needed. There were piles of snowballs and small wooden squares on which boxes would spawn every 45 seconds placed around the map.

Each player starts with 50 snowballs, which replace secondary weapons. Players would throw snowballs at mobs in order to freeze or kill them. Kobolds took 4 hits to kill and gnolls took 5 hits to kill. Piles of snowballs could be collected to return the number of snowballs the player held to 30. The number would be returned to 30 regardless of how many snowballs the player previously held, even if the number was over 30. Piles of snowballs respawned almost immediately.

Boxes spawned in 4 locations on the map, 2 on each side of the trench. Two would spawn nearer to the first cave, where the fomors spawned, while the other two spawned near the second cave, where the pile of presents was. Boxes spawned ever 45 seconds, and would disappear every 2 minutes if they were not collected. Each box would give 1 of 3 special event Mana Pistols (explained below).

Christmas Mana Pistol: Like a normal Mana Pistol, but shoots green Magic Arrows.
Christmas Fire Pistol: A shorter ranged pistol that shoots firebolts. Bolts explode on impact and do an increased amount of damage while covering a small area.
Christmas Poison Pistol: A longer ranged pistol that slows enemies. It shoots a purple sludge that looks a lot like a normal Mana Pistol's shot.

Each monster that passed by the goodies would do a certain amount of damage to the bundle's HP and disappear into the cave behind the goodies. The mini-boss, a small polar bear, and the boss, a hatless Gnoll Chieftain, would do an increased amount of damage to the goodies. If the HP of the goodies was depleted, the battle would fail. Players would set up their Mana Pistols at the sides of the trench and throw snowballs at the fomors to keep this from happening.

The event ends by killing the Gnoll Chieftain or having the Chieftain pass by the box, but not reducing its HP to 0. In the first situation, the Chieftain would drop 2-3 cores, and in the second, the goodies would drop 2-3 cores. Divine and Luck blessings could be used as well as increased amounts of luck in order to increase the amount of cores dropped. Once the battle ended, players would be allowed to enter the trench to loot their cores.

From the cores would come boxes that would award anywhere from 1-5 coupons. These coupons could be used at Hereta (who wore a red nose at the time) to buy Santa themed items, a party feather, 3 empowered enhancement stones, 5 dye amps, 5 enhancement runes, or, at 270 tickets and the most expensive item, Snow White Wings.

Defend the Goodies! funfacts:
*If two people stood on a box as it spawned, both players would receive a pistol.
*Evies could glitch into the trench by running on the bridge and using Mana Amber.
*Snowballs are a decent PvP weapon. Snowball fights were popular among certain players.
*During PvP, if an opponent came too close to your pistols, they would shoot them.
*If the Gnoll Chieftain was held back by pistols placed in the trench by an Evie, the battle would end and the goodies would drop cores. The Chieftain could then be defeated and drop more cores, allowing for up to 10 cores.
*Some of Evie's staff spells could hit enemies in the trench, but they would not damage them. However, they could still be frozen.
*If a player had secondary weapons equipped on the boat, they would be used up depending on how many snowballs the player used during the battle.
*Monsters may be glitched and become immortal in the spawning cave if a player hit them with a snowball or if a Karok threw their pillar too far deep in the cave.
*Extra runs of the event dungeon could be bought with NX.


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