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Published on Aug 27, 2011

Hey guys, here's a full list of the steps! Enjoy!

Step 1: Turn on the power.
Step 2: Play Samantha Says outside near spawn.
Step 3: Hack the buttons, hack the green keypads, and then click all of the buttons that you originally hacked.
Step 4: Wait for Excavator Pi to drill through Tunnel 6. IT HAS TO BE TUNNEL 6, NOT TUNNEL 11. Hack the control pad at spawn to stop the excavator.
Step 5: Knife the black egg and follow it outside. Make sure you have the Zap/Wave Gun. Shoot the dish with it and keep following and knifing the ball 'til it hits the pyramid. A container will appear near the pyramid.
Step 6: Fill the container with ZOMBIE SOULS!!! Hit the switch to get Death Machines for 90 seconds! And creepy Samantha appears.
Step 7: Make sure you have Gersch Devices. Go through the teleporter back to Earth and throw grenades off to the right. Once you knock the plates off of the shelf, through the Gersch to teleport them to the Moon. Make sure you have QEDs. Through a QED on the plates near Quick Revive to teleport the plates to the computer. Find the wire near the hacking area. Place the wire on the machine. Get Richtofen to place the golden rod in the machine and click the computer. Take the golden rod back to the pyramid.
Step 8: Four containers will appear that you need to fill with ZOMBIES SOULS!!! Get Richtofen to touch the golden rod and get all 8 perks.
Step 9: Go back to the computers outside to play Samantha says 3 more times. Return to the pyramid and through a QED to dislodge the egg from the base. Return to the computers near Sam Says and through a Gersch at the egg nearby.
Step 10: Enjoy the explosion of Earth and all 8 perks! Don't forget to return to Earth! Enjoy!


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King Karcha
It's funny that the moon Easter egg only shoots 3 rockets to destroy the earth. In Der eisendrache it shoots 28 rockets at the moon
Benjamin Stipanov
That looks like it took forever
Anthony Leobardo
who watching because of Chronicles
Thats most of the story for you there 5 days ago we got the whole storyline and moon was just a little wrinkle
Richard Garcia
how do u get the golden rod
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Juan Carrasco
for me the ball is just next to the hole and doesnt go in the lil circle help me please
can u do it with 2 people
Zombie Goddess
It would take me forever 2 do that
Zombie Goddess
Omg this was badass and in the end when earth is all blown up and all torn apart from lava that is how earth gets like that in black ops 2
I have not played bo2 for a long time so don't say anything more

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