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Published on Sep 5, 2012

End time: 41 minutes and 6 seconds

Because of an idea Dragonx254 had come up with, I set out to see how long I could survive in Slender. Of course, I was far less entertaining about the ways and means by which I did this. For starters, it was daytime, meaning no flashlight. Secondly, I camped in the bathroom until he had reached the aggressiveness level of the 6th page, at which point he could teleport randomly and into direct/immediate view. Afterwards, I exited the bathroom and played cat and mouse in the oil drums until he somehow got glitched into one of the oil drums and never teleported (still trying to figure this one out). Upon doing this playthrough, I figured out several interesting things about the game. It should be noted that this playthrough was done on version 0.9.5, but what I'm noting should still be applicable in 0.9.6, and probably even 0.9.7 when it's released.
- Slendy only teleports randomly on page 6 and 7 aggressiveness level.
- After Slendy reaches page 8 in aggressiveness level, it seems he doesn't progress further. Combining this and the prior means that, if you were willing to tolerate an absurdly fast Slendy, you could, theoretically, do what I did in this video and then collect all of the notes without fear of him teleporting randomly and regularly. I still have to test this theory.
- I'm still trying to figure out how I trapped Slendy in the oil drum. I would say he doesn't teleport when you're looking at him, but I know from experience that that's not true. What's also interesting is that he can appear inside the oil drums. I don't know if this is patched in 0.9.6, but I know that Slendy can't go through walls in this version (otherwise, the whole "camping in the bathroom" thing would not have worked in the slightest).
- There's a possibility that he infinitely increases aggressiveness levels, but that seems improbable. I would have had to wait another half hour or so to know for sure, and the full 41 minute video ended up being 30 GB as is. That wasn't going to happen.
- You have 5 minutes until he increases in aggressiveness for the first time (assuming you don't pick up a page). Every 4 minutes after the initial 5 he increases in another aggressiveness level.
- If you put your back to a wall (ie: Brick wall, bathroom, Pipe(?), yellow shed, oil drums) and glance back and forth as I did in the video, it's a really good way to recover stamina without Slendy being able to sneak up behind you. Of course, your ability to do this is contingent upon where you are in the map. Still, it's nice to know if, say, you're in the bathroom on page 7 with no stamina.
- There is no "actual" time limit on the game. If you can manage to elude Slendy, you have as long as you want.
- I'll add more to this description if I discover more.

Addressing comments before they show up:
"You got no pages newfag."
You obviously missed the point of the video.

"Your fps suck."
I know. You don't have to tell me.

"Lolwut are the trees doing in the beginning?"
That's what my friends and I were wondering too.


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