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Published on Jul 22, 2009

Stunt Race FX, known in Japan as Wild Trax (ワイルドトラックス, Wairudo Torakkusu?), is a cartoon-style, 3D-racing video game developed by Nintendo EAD with the assistance of Argonaut Software (now Argonaut Games) and published by Nintendo for the Super NES. It was the second game to use the 3D-centric Super FX chip.

Stunt Race FX appears to be like a zany version of SEGA's Virtua Racing. The gameplay differs from Nintendo's own Super Mario Kart by being somewhat more difficult and through the lack of weapons to use to attack other vehicles in the game. Similarities with Nintendo's F-Zero include the ability to boost the speed of the vehicles, the use of the L and R buttons to make sharper turns, and the possibility of damaging vehicles by running into walls, hazards, or other vehicles; falling damage is also possible.

There are three vehicles to choose from originally (COUPE, F-Type, and 4WD), and a fourth is unlockable (2WD); a fifth vehicle is only used in bonus games (TRAILER). Stunt Race FX's use of eyes on the vehicles was a late-in-development addition, to give character to otherwise personality-free cars. Each vehicle has different capabilities in terms of speed, body and acceleration. According to the instruction booklets in English, the vehicles are male; however, according to the Japanese instruction manual and the Japanese television commercial, the COUPE is female and every other vehicle is male.

COUPE - A small, yellow, car with balanced settings. She is based on the car body style of the same name and is the only female car in the game. COUPE's MAX SPEED is 120 MPH (190 km/h), and she offers stable performance and tight steering. Her Boost meter consumption is also lower than the other vehicles; if the player controls COUPE well, the player can save a lot of time. Her tire grip is relatively low, however, which can require the player to use the L and R buttons to drift in the corners (while making sure not to slow down too much). COUPE is designed for intermediate players.
F-Type - A Formula One-like vehicle. His MAX SPEED is 140 MPH (220 km/h). He can be turned and controlled quickly and easily, because of his strong down-force, and accelerates very quickly to top speed. However, his ability to take damage is the weakest of all the vehicles. F-Type is designed for advanced players, who can either try drifting with the L and R buttons, or run F-Type more safely by controlling the gas pedal to match the tire grip. Players must be careful to adjust the balance of F-Type in mid-air using the steering buttons to land safely, due to his weak body; this technique is very important for anyone who uses F-Type.

The game features five modes: three for racing levels, one for obstacle courses, one for test-driving, one for time-attacking and one for multiplayer racing.

The capabilities of the Super FX chip are demonstrated extensively in Stunt Race FX. Each course appears to be constructed with 3D polygons, complete with road bumps and overhead passes, resulting in a considerably large number of animation screens. Detailed billboard advertisements also appear throughout each race course. These realistic representations were possible on the Super NES because the Super FX chip rendered 2D sprites in a visual format that resembled 3D polygons. Under this format, polygons would not "crash" together to become distorted, though the graphics would run slower. This lack of speed was incorporated into the gameplay by featuring cars that were heavier and clumsier than those included in conventional racing games.

Since polygons would not crash together under the FX graphics chip, it became impossible to depict cars crashing into water or being submerged in water. In courses with lakes or rivers, where it is possible for the player to run off the race course into the water, the player's vehicle automatically veers off-screen when the vehicle is about to enter a body of water. The game screen then fades-out to return to another camera angle.

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