Michael Savage talks to a Jewish gangster part 3





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Published on Jun 10, 2010

Awesome Savage Nation show where a former Jewish gangster talks of his life of crime and how he turned to religion

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Love this humble mighty man of God, I respect the mafiosos more than our wimpy politicians
I would rather have this man as POTUS than any other president since I have been alive. I want the truth. I hate being lied to.
It is sick to think about what our ancestors fought and died for, and our current politicians are just fucking it off into oblivion
It is my business. Public forum, stupid. Grab a Websters sometime and learn how to spell and use the correct words in your comments, stupid. Learn you/your and you're, then maybe people won't think YOU'RE such a fucking idiot. Later, stupid.
Cheryl Hardy
This is my father may he rest in peace! Everything that he said is the truth,and he was a God fearing man in spite of the things he may have done, My father was a man to be feared , and a man of great conviction, he put the fear of God into men. I was in the car once, when he was shot 5 times in front of Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles,just after he kidnapped me from a foster home in Oregon the same day, I watched my father get shot through the window of the car 5 times , with my little sister in the back seat in a bassanet when it happened the glass from the gunshots glass got in my sisters eyes, I know from first hand experience that my father was far from your average individual if you are in doubt as to the authenticity of his claim read his book "The Last Jewish Gangster" written by David S. Larson.
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It's not bull shit. It's fact that you are an idiot. Please get a dictionary
Steve Timberlake
I didn't read your message..pussy.
Nah, just a person sick of dumb people who can't even spell trying to be smart.
I love this guy. I really love this guy
Jon Hammond
I don't know if anyone else has had this experience, but my father was a WWII veteran and saw action in every theater the US Navy was involved in during WWII. He enlisted at 17 years old by lying about his age. He was wounded, he endured days alone among the rocky shores of N. Africa after his landing craft was blown out from under them. He outlasted fanatical Japanese soldiers on the Philippine Islands while on platoon-sized patrols where very, very few US guys returned to base. He was a scout/recon/artillery spotter on Okinawa. You get the picture. For all this I only know these details by either prying them out of him with a crowbar, or because his actions were logged into the historical record. HERE"S THE POINT: He took his unwavering loyalty all the way to his last breath, refusing to speak ill of his nation or its leaders -regardless. I always thought I'd hear something about Clinton's infidelity, or Bush, or Obama but no. Whether it was trademark of that generation of fighters or not, it is unusual to hear or to have heard WWII vets speak ill of the USA under any circumstance. That, more than anything, is what I believe to be at the center of their inability to believe what they're seeing is TREASONOUS - even when it is. They died for (at 6:35) a country that changed so radically they can no longer even see it for what it is. I don't think they CAN see it as it is. They sacrificed so damn much for such a righteous cause I don't know that their minds hadn't created some sort of reality buffer when it comes to US politics.
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