1. Blonde Babe - Heather's first race in modified GTR 11.06

  2. Stock Turbo GTR runs 9.66 - Billet Design, Tuned-SprayItRacing

  3. C63 Black Series drifting BTS

  4. Aventador Roadster POV Driving and Roof Removal

  5. Maria in 1000hp Twin Turbo Lamborghini Superleggera

  6. Avid MotorSports 458 fully built for track and daily driven

  7. Aventador vs High HP Supra

  8. Gold Aventador doing multiple drifts and flybys

  9. 2 Blondes Drive Twin Turbo Lamborghini

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  11. Two 2013 Vipers in Vegas

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  14. Pagani Huayra Driving in Miami

  15. Pagani Huayra Walk Around, Startup, Revving & Gauges

  16. Brushed Metal Lamborghini Gallardo Flame Thrower

  17. Lamborghini Superleggera doing donuts

  18. Gold Aventador pulled over after flyby

  19. The Gold Aventador (driving to the photoshoot)

  20. Gopro POV: GTR Drag race

  21. 2 Aventadors Get Sideways!

  22. D800 vs D700 comparison test: With 2 Aventadors

  23. Red LFA Startup, Revving & Gauges

  24. Red LFA goes for a Drive in South Florida

  25. Superleggera Performante and friends driving

  26. 2012 Porsche 911 runs 12.04 at PBIR

  27. POV Lamborghini Performante Track Test Drive using Gopro

  28. Modified 2012 GTR Billet Design launch, acceleration test and tune.

  29. Billet Design 2012 GTR Track Testing

  30. 2 Skyline's One GTR -Revving, FLAMES, launching, Flybys

  31. Satin Silver Carrera GT with Straight Pipes- Start up, revving, taking off

  32. NV's Best of: Exotic Car Compilation Video 2011

  33. Flo Rida's Matte White Bugatti at JCM (start up, rev)

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  35. Aventador Ride at Lambo Miami

  36. LFA on a Dyno at JM Lexus

  37. Matte Black Lamborghini Aventador walk around

  38. Matte Black Lamborghini Aventador LP 700 Unveiling in Miami

  39. 458 Italia Grand Am delivery at Ferrari Of Fort Lauderdale

  40. Robby Gordon does donuts in VF Widebody M3 *Bullrun 11*

  41. Yellow Ferrari FXX at PBIR track

  42. Lambo Crashes into Light after trying to drift and do donuts

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  44. Two Reventon's driving a "little" Crazy around in Miami.

  45. Scorpion Motorsports P6 going CRAZY on the street!!!

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  48. Police Shut Down I-95 For 200 Exotic Cars

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