Michigan GOP sells out to Gay Lobby...literally.





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Published on Aug 22, 2014

The Speaker of the House in MI is a Republican who ran as a Christian Conservative, but has now received more than $100K from gay lobby and is suddenly pushing an anti Christian, pro gay/transgender agenda.


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  21. Michigan GOP sells out to Gay Lobby...literally.

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    Obama ruining our children's future

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    Niger Innis is the new Executive Director for TheTeaParty.net!

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    The Capitol Hill Show. Even Democrats Sick of Obama Lies

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    Scottie Nell Hughes interviews Wayne Allen Root

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    Congressman James Lankford Reacts to Hobby Lobby Case

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    Supreme Court. Is contraception an inalienable right? Judge Napolitano weighs in

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    Obama Announces he Can Rule Without Congress on Immigration

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    The March for Marriage

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    Impeach Holder NOW

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    Child Migration Crisis

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    Congressman Says 'Huge Battle' Within Congress to Replace Boehner After Cantor's Crushing Defeat

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    Tim Huelskamp: "The Tea Party is NOT Dead"

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    Mississippi Victory?

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    Judge Jeanine: 'Demand Impeachment!'

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    Monica Crowley: 'We are in a Holy War'

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    National Weekly Tea Party Address: D'Day Prayer

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    Forbes: If We Returned to the Gold Standard, 'George Soros Would Have to Find Other Line of Work'

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    INSIDE The SGT Bergdahl Controversy

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    Chuck Grassley Defends the Bill of Rights from Harry Reid

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    Napolitano: Obama Aiding and Abetting Terrorists IS Impeachable Offense

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