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Uploaded on Jun 4, 2006

I re-enabled the comments because some of them are so hilarious.

Comment of the century, by Youtube user "Shonkoi":
"well actually some of the flips can be used in a fight and can be very powerful. the downward force would add power to the kicks."

Yea that's fantastic... except it has zero practicality and more likely to injure yourself than the other person. Please do some real martial arts and not that parkour crap, reality check guys.

I do apologise if my description offends the tiny percentage of you out there. It's just that I'm really not into the whole internet-tough-guy thing and getting into huge heated arguements that questions ones sexuality and heritage, and seeing all these abusive comments and tireless debates just makes me shake my head. Come on, chaps, don't take things so seriously and learn to enjoy what life has to offer :D

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FAAQ (Frequently Asked Annoying Questions) (Edited 23/05/2010)
---------------------------------------- --

"Tony Jaa is Thai." "Tony Jaa is Khmer!"
- Recently there's been some heated and abusive debates about Jaa's ethnic background, and to see individuals argueing about it and stirring racial hatred because of which is boderline sad. Since when did a video of someone doing a few backflips spark off a completely irrelevant arguement straight out of Hitler's wet dream?

"What Martial Art is that?" "It's Muay Boran idiot" "No you're wrong it's Muay Thai stupid!"
- Some people have no clue what art he's doing and are only asking out of curosity, no need to gun them down just because you know better than them. Only do that if they mistake this for Karate or TKD, then by all means let them have it.
Also please note I did not state what art he's doing so please read the description again and don't be like this geezer here: "FantasmaJestera: its muay boran, your description is retarded, you probably wikipediaed it didnt you." EPIC FAIL

"Whats with all the backflips? Wouldn't do that in a real fight, he sucks at fighting!"
- There's a big difference between performance and fighting. Performance = look pretty and get the job done. Fighting = do what it takes to get the job done. Yes everything is choreographed, aka STAGED and IT'S A PERFORMANCE NOT A REAL FIGHT!!! The amount of people that compare this video to a real life situation probaly think Bruce Willis can take on 20 terrorists in a hotel in real life. With no shoes on.
"Shonkoi: well actually some of the flips can be used in a fight and can be very powerful. the downward force would add power to the kicks." Perhaps, but in a real fight I wouldn't be backflipping like a circus chimp, I'd just use a simple elbow to knock them down and I can tell you from personal experience, it's very effective :)

"Tony Jaa is better than Bruce Lee!" "Tony Jaa sucks!" "Jet Li could kick Tony Jaa any day!"
- So what if Tony Jaa is/isn't better than Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li etc etc etc. Just enjoy what he has to offer instead of wondering who has the biggest cock of them all. Not only do they each have a different style they try very hard to entertain us and I think the last thing they want people to think is that they're trying to prove who has the bigger ego. Be thankful there are so many talented people out there.

"MMA/Taekwondo/Hundred-Hand-Slap style will kill any MT/MB user anyday"
- Please stop with these irrelevant arguements that is about as effective as trying to outrun a carousel. Have some respect for other arts and their strengths and weaknesses, plus I'm pretty sure at the end of the day it's training and application of use that counts.

"The musik was gay..they should've have more metal "
- Have a little respect for tradition, this ain't WWF. A rocktrack would totally spoil the video. The amount of vids I ceased to watch cos some individual thought it be a novel idea to stick on the same generic rock track half the Naruto fan made vids on Youtube already uses. And before anyone suggests anything, it's much more quicker to press the back button than the mute button ;P

"Don't read this! If you hold your breath and count to 10, tomorrow you will be kissed by a frog and she'll magically turn into a girl and give you a blowjob!"
- Please feck off with your misbegotten literature and do something constructive with your lives, it's worrying some of those that do this are actual people and not just spam bots and annoying prepubescent misfits.

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