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Uploaded on Sep 3, 2010

Right, a fella by the name of RaVaL47 translated the story, it's a creepypasta. Many thanks!

When a full moon will be on a skie, get in your car and ride out of your city. You have to just ride straight and let yourself to get lost on dirty and forgotten roads. Remember to check your watch often, because on 0:11 am you can try to get back to civilization... but if it's the right night, you will get to some roadside bar or gas station. Stop right here.
Get in side. There's a old man beside the couner, witch wry face and owful smile. Sit on third from the left stool and take a menu. Look at the menu for a while, but don't say anything. Remember to not looking at this old guy. After a few minutes, he gonna ask you -- " What you want , buddy ?". You have to answer " Night have a secret for everyone of us". If you tell him something different , his teeth gonna break loose out of his mouth and strangle you .
...but if you made everything correct, he gonna say " Very well, very well, come with me". If he won't repeat this twice, this means it's a trap -- don't go with him, otherwise turn around and get the hell out of here. Remember -- you can't turn around again. If he say "very well" twice you can go with him to kitchen.
Kitchen will be very dark. Keep looking at back's of your guide. If you'll be hearing noise of some tool, do whatever you can to not look at place were it come from. Kitchen will disappear soon and a hallway appear. You'll be loosing from a view old man and suddenly flash illuminate floor , were head's young girl lies [ "lie" like "lie in bed"]. This head gonna sing only one tone and this is only opportunity to remember it. After this you have to repeat this tone exactly like you hear it. If you sing it different , head gonna rise to unimaginable size and you'll be eat alive -- then you'll never die, you'll never be live again, only enormous pain will be companion of you.
...but if you sing it right way, head's gonna fall in the ground and in front of you appear 3 doors. Stay in front of them an turn around counter-clockwise (COUNTER-CLOCKWISE) 81 times and have your left arm straight. When you stop, closest to your arm doors , is the door you can not open. Just choose between the others 2. It doesn't matter which one.
When you go through of one of these door's, I'll gonna fell very weird -- look down. You just have been turn into a owl (yes, owl -- translator). Fly through chimney to get out of this room . Fly, till you reached highest tree around. Sit on 6th branch , counting from ground. If you sit on a different one, tree will turn into blood and drown you.
If you find a right branch, sit on it and wait ,witch your eyes clouse, for exactly 45 hours . Do not open then till the indicated hours pass away. Otherwise you'll be an owl till the rest of your days , and mentioned earlier deadman gonna hunt for you . (I'don't know what dead man -- translator)
When 45 hours pass, open your eyes -- you are a human again, but your legs has been repleaced by huge, bloody swords. Refer to the mountains. Follow the path till you reached top. There will be 2 things -- both are lieing on block of stone -- similar to this , which executioners used. One of this things is baby, second is corpse without legs and arms. Theres an oldmen here either.
He'll say "make your choice", you have to jump in the air andy by using your legs , cut of baby's head and stick one sword into's corpse heart at the same time. If you do not hit right , baby will turn into coils of wire and cables which ones wrap you and you gonna die forever.
If you made your move right, the oldman just smile and sya " Remember thaht the terror is a black heart of the moon, horror can burn the sun". Then sun will change color into deep black and start to suck others stars on the sky. The oldman start to recite a 183-digit number . This is a only chance to remember it.
Then he will turn into safe with digital keyboard.You have to enter this number right, otherwise , it you go wrong and safe gonna start to hiss, run away from it and maybe this safe wont change into blood bag of oil full of disgusting tentacles which ones will try to break through your heart. If it wont start hiss, or stop it immediately, stay calm and start again to enter this code.
If you enter this numer right, safe will turn into the old man again ... but his head will be surrounded by bloody dogs (?). If you the lucky one, the only Chinese pug in the host will start to bark at you and try to lick you. Don't try to make him to it -- otherwise you'll be lacerat by other dogs. When this Chinese pug gonna lick you, wink twice and his eyes will turn into razors. Then you will appear in your car , riding on a lonesome road. Get back home and lie to bed.
If you made everything right, you'll be sentisited on light and water, and your bones gonna turn into glass... and you will be able to teleport into any coffin box on the world.

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