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Published on May 31, 2008

Harry Potter does a remix of Jay Z's 99 Problems...Its hard out here for a Wizard

Harry Potter Baby, Makin Magic
Nick @ Nyt Productions
Id like to give a shoutout to everyone at hogwarts, Ron and Hermoine
Dumbledore, my gay professor
I love you baby...Just not like that

Verse 1
I got the D.A. fo sho, on the Black patrol
Voldy wants to make sure my casket's closed
Magic critics say, that my spells are old
I'm from privet drive bitch, so I hope you know
If you grew up with parents who had no souls
You'd celebrate the minute that ya wand could glow
F the ministry, they suck my big left toe
If don't like my spells, ill tell you where to go
Got beef with draco, but he just to slow
Don't like my magic? Well I don't give a shit so..
The Prophet wants to use my sad past
So Skeeter can make more cash for trash, fuckers!
I don't know what they see me as
Or understand the power that H-P has
I went from rags to riches like Dobby son
I got 99 problems, catchin a Snitch aint one hit me!

99 problems but catchin a Snitch aint one
If you having wizard problems I feel bad ya son
I got 99 problems catchin a Snitch aint one

Verse 2
The Year was 2004 and I seen this boy
Check to my side and its D. Malfoy
I got two choices yall, pull over the broom or
use Expelliarmus, knock his wand to the floor
Now I ain't tryin to have it out with Drac
I got to see Ginny tonight, got a lot on my plate

So I pull over to the side of the road
and I heard
Son do you know what I'm stopping you for
Cause I'm Young and I'm white and I know Dumbledore
Do I have a crystal ball? hell I don't know
Are you gonna arrest me? or should I guess some mo
You know you been riding your Broom and its after four
You Not in slyrthein and you're a Griffindor
Are you carrying your wand? I know a lot of you are
I aint stepping off bitch I know my names legit
Do you mind if I look around your hall a lil bit?
Well my room is kinda locked and Ron's coming back
I know you want my cloak but you gon have to fight me for that
Why you tryin to attack? Some type of Auror or something?
You know Somebody important or something
Well I aint wit the ministry but I play quidditch
And I know that you aint even a damn prefect
We'll see how happy you are when Dementors come
I got 99 problems but a snitch aint one


Verse 3
Now once upon a time back with voldemort
A wizard like myself had to cast spells on hos
This was a time when people thought I was pussy
But a pussy casting Crucio spells? They back off me
They ignored me when I talked of the dark lord
Sayin its not him, we got magic to perform
Ya I know type, loud as Myrtle right?
but they couldn't turn on lights in a Lumos fight
When I get to talking, then Ima get to casting
Spells on dem boys, now they running from the action
And there I go trapped in Azkaban again
Back through the bars with the dementors again
they knockin at my door soul sucking again
Patronus out my wand, scarring them
Fudge tried to give a wizard the shaft again
taking all my gold just for beating them
All because death eaters was after me
cause I roll with Ron and Hermoine
I finally beat that V boy, so you know its done
I got 99 problems but catching a snitch aint one

Dean you crazy for this one!
Yes Harry Potter Baby
The newest white rappin sensations
Castin spells and doing drive bys
That's what im fucking known for
And you know beating voldemort....

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