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Published on Apr 9, 2011

A cat receives a bath after getting into the furnace room and getting his coat covered with harmful particles. The owner tried bathing the cat the same way as her other cat who likes water, turns out this one doesn't like water.

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Truly Blessed
Pinned by crazyrunner33
I just wanted to say, when u put a kitty in the bath you need to clip his nails, Yes cats dont like baths but its not about what they like, if the cat stinks it needs to get in the tub with soap and water. Unfortunately since they cant bath themselves with soap and water we are left to do it. One more things with some cats u can talk smoothly all day long its not going to change the fact that they hate water and dont like to be bath and will struggle with you. If u have to use a harness do so.
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Monica Rivera
This so relatable because my Cat is the same way I understand why you had to hit him whoever says this is bad they should do it themselves
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Dei H
By saying "NO!" and "BAD" and hitting the cat, you're basically reassuring your cat that bath time is a horrific experience and that he'll never love baths again. You have to sooth your cat, hold her with both hands, make soothing and quiet noises.
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Chanelle Lee
Andreea Constantinescu screw you
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Kuma Toni
Wow, so many down votes! To think, this little kitty cat gets free meals, 24 hour care and attention (if it wants it or not!), and a safe and warm house to sleep in. The least it can sacrifice for not living on the streets, scrounging for its life, liable to die several years too soon from accident or disease it put up with a little bath now and then. Nice kitty. :)
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subscribe me then I will subscribe to you back ok if you write comment on my video
Jacks Apple
+Kuma Toni i agree with tou.
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Vicky Machin
I understand cats hate baths. but still. they need them sometimes and what are you supposed to do?? it's not like she's stabbing it every time it tries to escape. she's lightly tapping him. it sounds louder because he's wet. if it was a dog, and she was doing the same, none of you would be saying anything.
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Ekaterina Atanasova
LONDON IS BLUE INIT she did right .
Aaron Bennett
LONDON IS BLUE INIT get off the Internet get off all your electronics go live under a rock you homeless person!
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Hope Sohn
She is being way to rough. It's understanding the cat doesn't like it. Don't hit him, don't shove him down under water.
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Eddie Levit
Yeah for whatever reason I too have this yearning to torture cats when they misbehave--it's their overall selfish, non-social demenour that triggers me. When they meow and yowl in pain, that makes me want to hurt them even more.
Yea because for one the Cat wasn't raised right to like the water. I mean you have to raise the cat to like the water at a younger age like a kitten for example.
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Y is everyone getting so worked up? It's not abuse. Give ur kid a bath, no one cares. Give a cat a bath?"ANIMAL ABUSE"! Spank a brat kid, no one cares. Spank a cat?"ANIMAL ABUSE!" ......THIS IS NOT ANIMAL ABUSE!!
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spanking/hitting your child is abuse and so is this video
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Miguel Rodriguez
Dogs are better then cats need proof ☝
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Scruffy the Wolf
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noa rijnaard
Don't give your cat a bath like this! You do it very wrong and you are too mean to the cat. Be very careful and say it's all okay then the cat is thinking that it is alright. And if you are not doing that then don't give him a bath! They exely can't wash them selfs,so i don't understand why are washing him
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Danielle Martinez
noa rijnaard Cats need baths. Recommend by vets
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Matthew Savoy
I tried bathing my cat (Church) once  .. Notice i said ONCE ...
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Nerdiest Gamer
+ZOZ o Im allergic but I still love them because I love more or less all animals.
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Dancing Petal
The only thing that bothers me is that she's bathing him/her wrong
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Dancing Petal
Mkay thanks, point is this lady isn't giving this cat a proper bathe and it's good to atleast give cats a good deep clean here and there. That includes other pets.
Dancing Petal
The bugs that I saw were tiny, like smaller than a ant but it's still fuckin disgusting. The way this lady is cleaning isn't at all well.
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