You Belong With Me [S3] - ep 60 [part 1] [FINALE]





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Published on Sep 13, 2009

Okay i am in the worst possible mood right now!

How dare people threaten to kill me, you may not mean it, or you may be 'just kidding' but its not funny!
And right now im considering closing down my account

Im only posting this so you guys stop yelling at me on the previous episode!
Series Finale Part 1/3 -_-
Nick -- why dont you look upstairs?

Lilly -- kay [goes upstairs]

Nick -- [goes into the kitchen, sees a note on the counter] oh come on Leah! Your really going to leave two babies?!


I cant believe Leah would leave again! What is wrong with that girl! I am NEVER letting her come back now! I walked over to the counter and picked up the note, it read..

Dear Nick:
Sorry i couldnt wait for you. I have gone to the airport. Call a cab and come meet me. bring Lilly and Lucas of course. Your tickets are on the bed, i packed all the bags already. Ill see you soon
Love Leah

I put the note down..so maybe i should have read the not before assuming Leah left again. I felt kinda stupid now.



Leah -- [sitting, waiting for the plane]

Nick -- [comes over, carrying Lucas in his carrier, with Lilly holding his other hand] whats going on Leah?

Leah -- [kisses him] your just in time

Nick -- what?

Leah -- the plane leaves soon...wheres your bags?

Nick -- we checked them in

Lilly -- cept mine [shows Leah her backpack]

Nick -- now whats going on?

Leah -- were going on vacation

Nick -- and you didnt think to talk to me about it?

Leah -- sorry..i just wanted it to be a surprise

Nick -- its okay [kisses her]

Lilly -- ew gross!

Nick -- [pulls away] Lilly your the one who wanted us to kiss before

Lilly -- i changed my mind


Leah -- [sitting on the plane with Lucas in her arms]

Nick -- [sits down]

Lilly -- [sits on his lap]

Nick -- Lilly you have your own seat

Lilly -- i dont want that one

Leah -- Nick just let her sit there till we take off

Nick -- fine, so where are we going?

Leah -- its a surprise

Nick -- fine

Lilly -- i like surprises

Leah -- me too

Nick -- no you dont

Leah -- [rolls her eyes]


Joe -- are they gone?

Kevin -- [looks at the time] they should be gone now yeah

Joe -- did you talk to Nick about the ring yet?

Kevin -- no i didnt get a chance

Joe -- great going Kevin!

Kevin -- you could have talked to him..you didnt tell Leah did you?

Joe -- no of course not

Kevin -- Joe!

Joe -- what! i didnt!

Kevin -- are you sure

Joe -- yeah

Kevin -- good!

WITH NEAH [when the plane lands]

Nick -- [carrying Lilly, walks off the plane, looks around] Hawaii?

Leah -- yup [carries Lucas off the plan]

Lilly -- [sleeping, starts to wake up] daddy?

Nick shh, go back to sleep Hope [kisses her head]

Lilly -- [falls back asleep, with her head on Nicks shoulder]

Leah -- so ready to start our vacation?

Nick -- yeah [kisses her]


Nick -- [on the phone with Kevin] i was already going to propose

Kevin -- really?

Nick -- yeah, i dont need you and Joe deciding what i do!

Kevin -- well Leah told us about the Hawaii trip and it seemed like a good time

Nick -- i guess

Kevin -- so are you going to?

Nick -- yeah i am

Kevin -- good

Nick -- its time Leah and i became a real family

Kevin -- i think Lilly and Lucas will be happy their mom and dad are finally together. I mean you and Leah belong together

Nick -- i have to go Kevin ill talk to you later [hangs up]

Leah -- [comes in] whats going on?

Nick -- nothing [kisses her]

Leah -- uh huh sure

Nick -- what? dont you trust me

Leah -- yeah i do..but i also know when your up to something

Nick -- i dont know what your talking about [kisses her]

Leah -- wheres Lilly?

Nick -- watching Lucas

Leah -- well wheres Lucas?

Nick -- with Lilly

Leah -- NICK!

Nick -- [laughs] theyre in Lillys room {a/n -- their hotel room has two bedrooms in it, so Lilly has one with Lucas and then Nick and Leah have one}

Leah -- good

Nick -- so were still going out for dinner tonight right?

Leah -- yeah

Nick -- remember, something fancy

Leah -- kay [leaves to get ready]

Nick -- [goes into Lillys room] hi Lilly

Lilly -- hi daddy

Nick -- you kept that ring safe right?

Lilly -- [nods, gets the ring box out of her bag, gives it to Nick]

Nick -- [puts the ring box in his pocket] its time to get ready for dinner sweetie [kisses her head]

Lilly -- kay
i donno when i'll post part two...


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