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Published on May 23, 2012


This is below low, watching these poor horses gives me a very heavy heart, so sad, so cruel and yet people will be defending this, the sport and how pretty the horses look when they walk. No shortage of ignorance in the horse world.

Already idiots are defending this:

Shelbyville Farm Center
2782 Highway 231 N
Shelbyville, TN 37160-7315
(931) 684-5922

If anyone supports this event or show, if this entire SHOW is not abolished then there is not justice. If enough people speak out, boycott, email, ostracize this sport and event then it can be stopped, but what will happen is the lovers of this will defend and say they have new rules to prevent this and now the horses are protected and then everyone will smile and look the other way. I sincerely hope this sport is crushed out of existence and put in the Hall Of Shame.

Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration in Shelbyville, TN is:

Watching all the other people participate and stand by watching this is disgusting and anyone involved in this sport should be outraged and be demanding this is disbanded and stopped. I cannot think of a nice humane way that a horse could be made to walk this unnatural painful walk without pain and cruelty and the simple fact that there are so many idiots that can some how find beauty in this crap is just unimaginable to me. Send letters and emails to any sponsors of any Tennessee Walking Horse supporter, hit this so called sport or what idiots call beauty in the wallet, that seems to be the only universal language.

Come on all you women that say I only crack on women, put your money where your mouth is, speak out and start a Women Against Tenn Walking Horse events or associations. This sport seems to be dominated by Men, Cowardly so called Men, put their butts out of business.

When money or winning is involved with horses, abuse will not be far behind and the horse will always pay. Watching these poor horses just broke my heart, such a sad day and life for kind gentle horses that are so forgiving they do not even fight back.

LINK to video in background about Tennessee Walking Horse Abuse:

Azz hole Jackie riding a horse he abused:

Look at this Pathetic Picture with all the pretty well dressed Horse people smiling while they get credit for all the abuse hoses had to endure.


From: Aaron Chaney casious@gmail.com
To: "horsyguy@yahoo.com" horsyguy@yahoo.com
Sent: Saturday, August 11, 2012 9:59 PM
Subject: Put your money where your mouth is

I thought you might like to research a few things before making your next video perhaps you should look into with the medication bute and it's actual use/effects on a horse; second you may also want to look into the cause/effect when horses foam at the mouth; and third maybe actually look these "heavy chains" maybe hold one (6 ounces is current legal use). Maybe watch the horses follow (with no lead) their trainers, that "abuse" them so badly. Watch the classic horse class that is reserved only for horses 15 years and older-obviously they are terribly abused to pass government inspection and compete at the ripe age of 22. Your closed minded opinions and videos make you sound like the idiot you so cowardly call everyone that doesn't put up with your crapload of, and I use the term lightly, wisdom. If horses and money lead to abuse then why do you ask for money on your site. Sounds like u really are just a self proclaimed horse trainer that thinks he knows everything and has no clue what goes on other then what you see on your computer screen. And I'm sure u will make a video of this and I hope u do because the minute u do I will follow with this message so everyone will see where your video came from.

MY RESPONSE: How about you get a life and shut the fuck up, make your own damn video and promote your abusive sport. I take it you are an idiot Tenn Walker big lick Idiot, so for you and any other asshole that likes that shit you can kiss my ass.

Punk ass coward, put your name and address and contact info and I will make another video about your ignorance.

A friend of the Horse
Rick Gore

So here is info that was emailed to me about Aaron Cheney's phone number: 931-652-7323 - probably fake but feel to call discuss his support of this big lick shit.

Here is link where this jerk got probation for what he did.

Update Link:


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