Romney - Cut Social Security, Medicare





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Published on Aug 11, 2011

2012 Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said he wants to raise the retirement age but he does not want to raise the cap on the payroll tax so that wealthy Americans pay more into Social Security. He also claimed Medicare was contributing significantly to the budget deficit. Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

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Comments • 456

Phillip Christopher
The uber-wealthy would literally have a conniption fit if they even had to pay one cent.  
I'm so glad this jerk did not win. This guy was going to cut education funding which will leave us students in a hole.
Romney & Obama don't care about us. Romney is proud of his pathological callousness. Obama is just as bad, but he's a smooth talker. :(
Megan Ross
IM 13 and i understand this, its very sad seeing people who think this will make our country better, it will ruin us!!! 
I'm libertarian and I don't support having such a large military. You seemed to just have assumed that I support that. The middle class will not pay 2000 more in tax, please give a source for that, and don't just say "obama said it." Oil companies pay large amounts of taxes, and do not receive money from the government. please give a source for that. And big businesses won't receive welfare. Do you even know what welfare is? lol
ivan osorto
lol you know the military is the most socialist program we have right?? We should get rid of it right?? do you know the definition of socialism?? Yes he will. He will give tax cuts to the rich. Who do you think makes up for the money lost?? The middle class will need to pay about 2000 dollars more in tax. He will quadruple subsidies to oil companies. Big business are welfare queens. 
you fail. first of all, you are referring to kjustinm's comment, not mine. Secondly, since Obama is taking over 700 billion a year out of medicare and using that to pay for Obamacare, yes medicare would be drastically reduced. Thirdly, fear mongering is being used by the Obama administration saying that Romney will increase taxes on the middle and lower class, which is not true. The United States was founded on principles of small government. Please move to socialist Europe for "prosperity."
ivan osorto
you name called, your fallacy is saying obama will end in 12 years and that is why romney took from medicare. oh and fear mongering. good old conservative logic. you guys need to secede from our country and start your own. because we dont want you.
Wow this is so biased. The rich pay way more than their "fair share." This guy is misleading like at 3:25 when he basically says that the rich don't contribute to social security. At 3:05 you try to make it look like Romney does NOT support ANY taxes on the rich and only wants to tax the MIDDLE CLASS and the LOWER CLASS. This is EXTREMELY untrue and its kind of sick how fucked up his logic is.
yeah! namecalling, personal attacks, and logical fallacy! Good ole' democrat arguements!
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