Revealing the Truth About The Democratic Party!!





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Published on Oct 10, 2011

This is Part 1...View Part 2 Here: It's the One You've Been Waiting For!!

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3LqPe...

The Democrats must not allow the Republicans to be a legitimate alternative to their failed policies.

We won't recognize True Freedom unless we know our True History.

Revealing the Truth to Unite America

How the "other 99 percent and occupy wallstreet" protestors got brainwahsed!


"Tell It to the Banjo" is a backwoods bluegrass banjo hymn composed by Angel Jose Ruiz Perez.

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Its such B/S to say the parties switched sides! What are we in 3rd grade? can people be this naive? Someone forgot to tell Democrat senator Kkk member, grand wizard, Robert Byrd to switch as well who died in office in 2010 as a democrat!! Parties switched sides my black azz!! Democrats who denied blacks their rights and civil liberties than are the same ones who deny the unborn the right to life, or continue to try and deny Americans their 2nd amendment right.. kick rocks and die with the b*****!
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Jeff LaPierre
The truth drives Democrats crazy.
Dave Salisbury
Thank you!!! This is a GREAT video and should be seen more and more. The message needs to get out.
Vibrating Wafflez
It's truly a mystery why black people vote Democrat nowadays.
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Laura Smith
Excellent spotlight on the truth! I voted Democrat one time in my life- My very first vote ever as 21 yr old, I followed the advice of some of my in-laws and voted their way, Democrat. That vote was for Jimmy Carter. After that I decided I had better educate myself and vote on the principals that I found to be closest to my own belief. I have been a Republican ever since! My ex boyfriend whose dad was a good ol boy from Georgia and a longtime Teamster member, was a life long Democrat, as many from the south are. And the most vile kind of prejudice. I saw and heard it in action with my own ears. I hope more people pay attention to the truth you are sharing.
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Jeremy Kill
I don't understand the line of thinking of those who claim the democrats are good people now and are all forgiven just because someone claims the parties switched. Because what you are truly saying is that it's ok that the democrats kept you as slaves, beat the shit out of you, raped your women, whipped you, and then fought a war to keep your asses in chains, then denied you civil rights and made you sit in the back of the bus while inventing the KKK and now all of that is forgiven because Jesse Helms switched parties. So Robert Byrd (D - WV, KKK) is cool now. Bull Connor (D) is cool now. Al Gore Sr (D - TN, racist who fought civil rights legislation) is cool now. Jesse Helms switches parties and that ='s all Republicans are racist now and will always be (even though Jesse Helms is dead, btw). Who was the genius who came up with this? When you can make sense out of all of that let me know. I'll be waiting.
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Joshua Boyd
It's amazing how many people don't know American history.  Prior to the Civil War, the party that advocated for less central government power and more states' rights were based in the southern states.  They were very big on religion and used the Bible to rationalize their positions.  They were called Democrats then, but if you look at their ideologies you will find that they are very similar to today's Republican party.  After the Civil War ended, the two parties switched titles but the north/south demographic location of associated ideologies remained the same. Do you honestly think that the Republicans of today would not rub the Democrat's noses in this every time the issue of race came up were it true?  Do you not think Fox News would not cover it and show the world how awesome their party is? The reason they don't is because it's not true....and everyone with any sort of education in American history knows it.
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Patty Burns
The Democrats were also called CONSERVATIVES then!
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Firt Azile
Wow, I never knew this. Thank you for this presentation. I will make sure that other people know about this.
My only comment in opposition to this video is the continued use of the words "DEMOCRATIC PARTY". There is nothing DEMOCRATIC about the DEMOCRAT party, and as such they should never be called the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Only the words "DEMOCRAT PARTY" describes them.
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