Nickelback Booed Off The Stage!





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Published on Jan 27, 2008

Guess Portugals Don't like Canadian Rock

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The crowd actually wanted to hear some rock n' roll, so Nickelback had to leave the stage.
Can you kill yourself for putting that intro
The Queen Speaks !
Chad: "You wanna hear some rock'n'roll?" Crowd: "Yes so get off the stage."
Juan Pablo Lescano
That isn't precisely "get booed out of somewhere". That dickless cunt of Chad Kroeger got a rock thrown at the back of his head, I mean.. I laughed my ass when he said "You guys wanna hear some rock and roll or you wanna go home?".. And if I'm not mistaken, Metallica was scheduled to play after them... So, you can imagine the croud waiting anxiously to hear one of the most powerful bands in the world, and you have to take an hour show of this cockhead.. Best way to get him out of the stage? Throw a rock at him.. That'll do it, pretty quickly I must say.  
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Honesto Aquino
archer I'm not a fan of NB, but I kinda know that it was their manager's fault. I hate chad, but this is too much. Portuguese metal people were barbaric those days.
Well at least Metallica was great at one time. Nickelback never. How the fuck did they even get a record deal? And why were they at a Metal Festival anyway? Did another band cancel?
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Dark Spyro
Do your research they were booed of stage because there manager sent them to a heavy metal gig and yeah it didn't fit in well
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Kitties - Back H
Ppl still did NOT have to throw rocks and be Goofs Anout it. 
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La Dame Délire
Just because most Nickelback tracks sound the same, doesn't mean it's not rock or not original. You people should pay more attention to the lyrics. And they create their music with instruments, while most singers/bands today create music with computers and auto-tune. Let's not forget the common lip syncing. Nickelback is a great rock band, produces great songs with meaningful lyrics. Just because the music doesn't sound destructive or doesn't make ears bleed, doesn't mean it's not rock. And just because it's not metal, doesn't mean it's not real music. They put a lot of meaning and emotion to their songs. They're probably just not your taste, it doesn't make them a bad band.
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Meaningful lyrics like "Something in you mouth" and "Rockstar", those meaningful lyrics?
Hey, try and get your tongue a little bit deeper in there. I don't think you've hit their prostate yet.
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Define Bruh
As a canadian, i am sorry we produced such shit
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Sloan Guitar
Yeah Nickelback, Drake and Beiber are all disgusting pieces of garbage. They need to go in the trash where they belong.
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Nicolás Caro
"are you sure?" lol fuck off, go home faggot
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joseph sites
Fukaikokro Jesus fuck......go find a safe place
Necro Damus
Fucking faggot.
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Pedro Henriques
Just to clarify something here. They didn't throw rocks cause they anxiously wanted Metallica. They threw rocks cause at the beginning of the concert, the lead singer shouted "How you doing Spain?" or something like that when they were actually in Portugal. That was totally disrespectful for Portugal, and proceed with your ignorant comments. 
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Pedro Henriques
enlighten me
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Dirty Water
hahaha this is an EXACT reenactment of Axl Rose back in the 80s and 90s. He asked the exact same question when he was getting shit thrown at him haha. Nickleback is a joke. Retire already
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You go there to hear different bands. Just because a band you don't like is there doesn't mean you should start throwing rocks at them.
Erato IsYourMuse
+Bobbin McBong I believe it was a metal fest. Those people were not there to see the likes of Nickelback and I don't blame them.
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