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Published on Jun 25, 2011

Rider forgets to put up kickstand when pulling out at start of group ride. Hilarity ensues. Luckily, both bike and rider were fine.

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my bike will start with kickstand down but conks out when put into first. Im pretty thank full for that otherwise I would have already done the same as this dude.
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+khyoon14 Track bikes don't have stands at all. They are not allowed....
I agree it should have that on all STREET ridden bikes. Track bikes on the other hand, No.
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Anthony Cade
My bike wouldnt let me go in gear if stand was down, would rather turn off. So once at the gas pump after fueling up I couldnt figure out why my bike kept cutting off when i put in gear. After about 10 mins i got off and got back on, and put the kick stand up! BIKE WAS GREAT AFTER LOL.
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My Duc did that.. had to remove the switch.
Same thing for me...I was riding with another guy and he had to come back and tell me my damn kickstand was down...pretty embarrassing. Worse thing is, I've done it a few more times since then. Some people never learn lol
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James Engles
I have seen a guy hit his kickstand. ... I'm more baffled by how the guy couldn't pick his own fucking bike up.......... 
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+Michal Gloc I saw that too, she made it look very easy, which it is if you know how!
It also bothers me how few bikers know how to pick up their bike. It doesn't require much strength with proper technique. On moto show in NY i saw a hostess girl pick up the big Harley no problem.
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Ahhhhh.... I am not sure what year(s) or Make(s) you-all are riding, but since Y2K and on my ZX9 (past), ZX12 (past), and ZX14 (present).... they have kick stand safety switches. Bike will automatically shut off  engine if you put bike in gear with kick stand down and clutch let out.
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+Alex Rhodes Wow
dylan zona
i have a 90 suzuki gs500 and it has a safety switch on the kickstand... didnt find out until i kept trying to put it in gear, and googled it. haha live and learn
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Terrell Walker
my bike doesnt even go in gear with the kick stand down
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Joshua Howland
It's for safety reasons like this one.
Brian budget
Terrell Walker mine either I'm sure it's a safety issue but thanks to this guy Yamaha probably saw his video and corrected that problem
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This guy is a pussy. I drive on the freeway with my kickstand down all the time. 
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Leo Tapp
+STDrepository Well that's just stupid.
H. Ammar
You shouldn't do that. You can pulled over for riding a tricycle on the freeway. 
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That's why the newer bikes shut off if you put it in gear with stand down
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Adam Hickman
+Marq  That much I've learned.
Fact Yamaha makes better quality bikes.
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Graham Spink
My Suzuki has a micro switch to cut out the engine unless the stand is in the ride position.... In Australia we need bigger feet on our stands, to stop them from sinking into the hot bitumin (tarmac) on hot summer days ...
Adam Askey
That guy literally couldn't pick up that little bike lol.. 
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+KathrynLiz1 Forever embarrassed from it too lol!
+Alex Mawdsley You too? LOL... I think we've all done (or will before too long!)... :-)
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Better to lost your cool in a parking lot instead of the road. I guess he was excited.
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