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Published on Jun 24, 2010

HTC EVO 4G vs. iPhone 4 - Smartphone Smackdown!

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Comments • 4,692

HTC EVO is bigger. The iPhone 4 is better. If we compare both devices today, guarantee the iPhone 4 is running a lot smoother. I know plenty of people today, who are still using an iPhone 4. Heck even 3G and 3GS. The original EVO is completely obsolete at this point.
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I have to agree with you that 4s's are currently slow, becouse, newest iOS system that is currently supported in iphone 4s is 9.3.5, it packs a lot of new features that HTC evo 4G probably doesn't have, but that slows overall speed of the phone and makes things more choppy compared to older versions, for example, the original ios 5 were blazingly fast and 6, even 7.1.2. You get support for 6 years for iphone 4s, but 4s users it's time to move on.. I use 4s as my daily driver, but it's probably time to upgrade soon.
Michael Lightner
Lmao wtf are you smoking dude? Evo runs just fine for me.....is it my daily driver hell no but I still pull it out refresh it and runs just fine, have to admit I miss sense
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The EVO 4G is shit, just look at that toilet paper screen, meanwhile the iPhone 4 was truly ahead of its time, now look at iPhones, same shit every year, it's stagnated and zero innovation. The difference between Steve Jobs being alive and passing away. Apple went to a shithole.
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Michael Lightner
Last time I checked I was never accused of holding my evo wrong.....just sayn
+Macsk8ing because is it iPhone claims to bring new out a new device and its just the same shit over and over 2 whats the point of having a "Mobile phone" if it's incredibly dependent on iTunes oppesed to android you don't need a computer and is absouluty independent
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The Stegman
The Evo was my first smartphone!
The Stegman the iPhone 3GS was mine
I find it funny that the iphone 4 is running the latest version of ios (ios 7) 4 years later, where as the Evo has long been forgotten. Its a shame since the Evo was such a cool phone for its time. 
Amos Y
The iPhone 4 is still a really nice looking phone to the eye 6 years later - 2016
Azariel Prieto
Watching this on my HTC One M8 :D xD 
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Cameron Galat Chitra-Straley
+Imthebest same here
me too lol
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I love all iPhones, and the good thing about them they don't get slow over time as of android they get really slow.. Like old S3 now it got slow and my games take a bit of time to load, my iPhone 4 is faster even now. Android phones are great but android OS sucks over time they get slow idk why as of iOS is not noticeable at least for me is fast until the phone literally dies. 
+JD Wheeler The motox has a better gpu than the S3, which makes it faster. Also the iphone 4 with ios 7 is terrible, but if you keep it at ios 6 then its really not that bad. 
JD Wheeler
I dunno about you but my iPhone 4 after a complete reformat is slower than my sister's Moto X(Very similar CPU as S3) that she has had for 6 months. The touchwiz skin on the S3 could make a difference than (Nearly) stock android like the Moto X
Watching this on my iPhone 5S!! Team iphone! I used to have the htc evo but I recently upgraded to the iphone. It's way better
Joey Sylvester
thatoneguy no duh a flagship phone from 2014 is better than one from 2010! You can't compare phones like that. Moore's law, in simplest terms, states that technology doubles in power every two years, so yes, of course your iPhone is faster. In case you were wondering, my Ford is faster than my ancestors horse and buggy
Mark Gustafson
It would be interesting to see how these two phones compare today. I had an EVO 4g and loved it; particularly, the micro HDMI port that he forgot to mention. However, my girlfriend, today, still has her iPhone 4.
I remember how BAD I wanted the Evo just based on the fact it had a "huge" 4.3 inch display. Now I have been using the Nexus 6 for over a year now and I just crack up at how cell phones have changed so quickly.
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