Angry sea - The Perfect storm in reality





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Published on Dec 13, 2010

A collection of clips demonstrating the power of the sea, furious winds and gigantic waves that are not for the faint-hearted.

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Steph Mariee
Agh shit. Why did I watch this. Anyone else terrified of the ocean?
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Burning Flame
But that was in the MIDDLE of the ocean so yeah No need to be scared
Vivek Nirmal
Me too dude
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Jo Kommentaah
Imagine how it would have been with medieval ships..  
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Jeff H
+The Expert Possibly ture, but he survived.
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john dellatto
I want the video of the days where people traveled the seas in wooden ships.
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Mike Cimerian
A Viking longship for handling. :-)
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DerRobMann (R.T. West)
STANNAVFORLANT Exercise April 1976. Caribbean to Halifax, Nova Scotia. At about 600 miles east of Cape Cod, A Perfect Storm Nor'easter: Seas 45+ feet. Sustained winds 90 knots. Water temperature 34 F. "Weather Decks are secured. Life expectancy is about 4 minutes if overboard. We cannot, repeat cannot, pick you up", announced over 1MC. I'm on a relatively small WWII Class Destroyer (DD-840). "Disband Exercise. Break Formation. Implement Heavy Seas Procedures. Ride it out!", ordered to all ships from Command. I'm only an Ensign, USN, standing JOOD watch up on the bridge, but wondering, "OK. What would be the other option?"  But the often overlooked, unacknowledged truth was clear enough though. From the moment a ship first slips into the sea, until it's scrapped, sold, or sunk, our constant, unremitting enemy to it is the sea itself.
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DerRobMann (R.T. West)
+The Demize No way to do it without risking the entire ship - could roll over. That's why they give the warning, secure (prohibit access) all weather decks (outside of the ship), and issue it as an order. Storms at sea are no joke and deadly serious.
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The ocean scares the fuck out of me, I guess it's the fear of not knowing what's around me
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DUH but. I would fear the water more then a shark. At least in the short term. Drowning would be a terrible way to die.
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Pussy waves. I can navigate those in a fucking rowboat !
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7he Natural
+Theodoяe Kяap I they were, i'd drown from them waves...
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David Goodall
oh hell no! they would have to stop and let me off.
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T Gallegos
see you at the bottom of the sea
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terry wheatley
when I was on the uss Saratoga back in '67, we hit a storm like this crossing the north Atlantic in winter.  waves were rolling down the flight deck & the flight deck is 60ft above the water line...  the plus side,  there was no chow line, walked right up & served myself , great!
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Thanks for your service bro
clorox sinc
ai ai captain..
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Man just imagine you fall overboard.. you wil just drown or just fucking breath in water i would always take a gun with me so i can commit suicide in that chase.. :/
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Brad Junes
I fished the Bearing sea king crab--in 1980-81--sister boats lost 23 men to the ocean that year. A sister boat lost a man and got him back aboard in 3-4 minutes. he die of hipo with the water at 33 degrees. Come join our memories. Please hats off to our fishermen---everywhere.
Jolly Rancher
The idea is bad and you should feel bad.
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Guys... it's not a fake... It's been filmed for the movie "oceans" in french brittany from an helicopter. The warship is the "latouche treville" frigate. The rescue ship is "abeille bourbon". The sea is rough here, but habitually you won't see any ships in such conditions, that was just for the movie.
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