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{APH} moʀe ɬɦan just ʙɑd ʟuck -France/UK-





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Published on Apr 2, 2011

(Shounen-ai warning) - Contains boyxboy pairing and yaoi stuffz. No likely, no watchy.


Uploaded twice, due to YT render errors. My external hard drive decided to reset in the MIDDLE of the upload. xP

Anyway, as you can see, this is what happens when I look at too much fanart. xD It took more than 100 episodes and a movie, but I have found my yaoi OTP. :3 England is one of my favorite characters, and he's paired with literally EVERYBODY, but something about him and France clicked with me...

Now you might say "But Caitlin, France and England HATE each other in Hetalia, and have long history of fighting." To which I would say "That's true, but they also have a long history of ally-ship." Seriously, as much as they argue, you rarely see them apart. They hold a long history, and one could almost say they behave like a married couple... a really old one that bickers all the time, but still cares for one another. xD (random fact: I am personally fond of fanart that depicts France and England raising America and Canada LIKE a married couple; it feels so historically cute :33)

Back on track now; I started the project four days ago, in between MEPs and collab parts, and I noticed how easy this editing style is becoming for me; I had very little trouble with the overlaying and got creative with effects. ^^ Plus I finally got SV to stop rendering pictures all squishy-like, hazzah! Perhaps I should re-render my Hungary/Austria MVs so they look like this?

I want to do another FR/UK video eventually, and I'll try to make it a little more fun. xD This MMV is supposed to be told from England's pov, with is admittedly a touch out of character for him, but there are so few pictures of just France... much less dramatic France... poor France. xP There should be more love for him! ^^

Anywho, please enjoy!

Song: (in video)
Art from: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing: Arthur Kirkland (England) x Francis Bonnefoy (France)

~Disclaimer: I disclaim all art and music, I just edited the stuff together.~


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