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Published on Sep 13, 2012

Official video for Lorn's 'Weigh Me Down', taken from the album 'Ask The Dust', out now on Ninja Tune.

'Weigh Me Down' EP out now on 12" clear vinyl and download, featuring remixes from Illum Sphere, Mike Slott, Mono/Poly and Dolor -

Buy at the Ninjashop:
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Taken from the album 'Ask The Dust', out now on 2LP smoky grey vinyl, CD and download -

Buy at the Ninjashop:
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Video directed, produced and animated by Max Friedrich

Download Ninja Jamm, the new remix app from Ninja Tune, FREE via the App Store:

Comments • 579

Give me a drug and i'll take it Watching you sharpen knives You give me hell but i'll make it I've still got one good eye Blind as a fool I can fake it Telling the truth with lies But it won't be long 'til I break it 'Cause you know, you know You weigh me down
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antoine olol
So, the lyrics are about torture?
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Megan Campbell
turns out the antichrist is a serious vegan.
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CMDR Holiday Primus
hate on what?
CMDR Holiday Primus don't hate
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Mike B
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pier olivier
666 bunch of fgt
Antischwagger Tv
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flaming motion
This is the best song and experience that Ive ever had. this is so perfect. Im so fucking hooked
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420 beatz
Anna Karaski look up Goth Trad. old school shit.
Anna Karaski
first of all what the hell is goth trad? I know trad goth but this is way to elctronic to be anywhere near trad goth. If anything this is ebm/industrial infulenced. It sounds a lot like ebm, but a lot of edm does lots of bleed over.
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As a constant recovering crack and heroin addict as well as alcoholic, this song shows me that my drugs I choose to do weigh me down and I take this journey to death as my relapses continue. I don't know anyone elses stories but this one touches on a very emotional level for me. Thank you, lorn.
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I hate everybody
HexagramMan That's a stupid reason to do drugs; "we all die". Well life is about living healthily and happily to the fullest, and being weighed down by drugs is not a way to do it.
Well if that were really true you would not comment here, because there would be no purpose. It seems to me you need some attention and thats totally cool. But if you dismiss everything people say from the start you will only get the wrong kind of attention. Nobody feels or thinks like normal people, because normal people do not exist. Everyone is different. You are putting yourself in a position of "me vs the world" and there is really no need for that. Like you said life is difficult enough. Try listening to other people more and they will listen to you more. Nobody knows what is right or wrong but the ones who communicate that with each other both ways are the ones who feel connected.
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Sam Smith
This is perfection....
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flaming motion
liquid DRAGS
Bonnie Haskin
+Sam Smith Yea.
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Smells Like E Minor
Completely obsessed with this artist. This song in particular.
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Smells Like E Minor me too!
Spyder's Webb
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Mark Osmond
The next time you hear of another mass shooting, or bombing, or whatever awful form of violence it happens to be that time, and you're wondering what kind of a monster would do such a horrible thing, remember this video. This is where that monster came from. It's where they all come from. This is how monsters are made.
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Mark Osmond uh no its about not eating meat and abused nature returning the favor in a sense
MetaKey Yuudai
You sound super pretentious.
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Not Mellow Skull
Give me a drug and I'll take it, watching you sharpen knives. You give me hell but I'll make it, I still got one good eye. Blind as a fool I can fake it, tell me the truth with lies. Won't be long til' I break it. You weigh me down.
Society made him what he is, so he tore it down.
I agree, and he never fit in. Though he knew better, he still tried.  ·
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