The MH370 Ghost of Captain Zaharie whispered WHERE, WHY & WHAT happened to MH370





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Published on Feb 13, 2018

Video by Whisperer Robert Chaen

MH370: The Missing Clue WHERE, WHY and WHAT Happened
Dead pilots tell no tales

WHAT: He depressurized the cabin to knock out the Crew. #1
He had a last look at his hometown Penang #2
He became extremely despondent, #3 and ditch-landed when it ran out of fuel. #4

WHERE: MH370 sank mainly in 1 piece along MH370 Madagascar Arc. #5

WHY: Captain Zaharie’s heroic mission to islamic Maldives to free Anwar Ibrahim went wrong. #6

#1 Captain Zaharie had to depressurize the cabin to knock out and stop his Co-Pilot and Crew from deafeningly banging at the cockpit door. The cabin depressurization went much longer than he planned which accidentally injured or even killed some MH370 passengers. Whether he actually flew to 45,000 feet or simply depressurized the cabin is irrelevant.

#2 MH370 pilot dipped plane's wing over hometown (Penang) to take a last look (60 Minutes: 2018). Watch video: https://tinyurl.com/y8mhls2p

#3 Captain Zaharie became extremely despondent when he realized he had injured or even killed some passengers through cabin depressurization. Captain Zaharie was WILLING to go to jail for hijacking MH370, but he was NOT able to face the massive shame of accidentally injuring or killing his passengers.

#4 Captain Zaharie flew 'aimlessly' until MH370 ran out of fuel and 'gently' ditch-landed the plane.

#5 As NO MH370 debris were found along Western Australian beaches, this should be a strong clue that MH370 more likely landed on the AFRICAN side of the Indian Ocean.

#6 If you are not MALAYSIAN, you will probably not understand why so many Malaysians were extremely upset and despondent when the then Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim was charged with a 5-year jail sentence a day before MH370 disappeared. Their hopes for Anwar Ibrahim becoming the next Prime Minister in 14th General Election in 2018 were shattered.

The 5-year jail sentence of Anwar Ibrahim news triggered Captain Zaharie to hijack MH370, plan to land in Maldives (the only sympathetic Islamic island-country in the Indian Ocean), and bring the world's dramatic attention to FREE Anwar Ibrahim.

Most foreigners and foreign aviation experts miss this vital clue of that Captain Zaharie was a relative and a strong supporter of Anwar Ibrahim.

When Robert Chaen was in Malé to train the top management of the Auditor General Office, he re-confirmed Captain Zaharie's MH370 hijack plan to fly to Maldives.

Nearly ALL suicide pilot air crashes happened very quickly within LESS THAN 40 MINUTES AFTER DEPARTURE.

WHY did Captain Zaharie flew for more than six hours, switched off all transponders, made no Mayday calls, flew pass his hometown Penang for one last look, and seemingly avoided air traffic control RADAR. WHY?

There is more than enough scientific circumstantial evidence that Captain Zaharie flew MH370 until it ran out of fuel. BUT so far NO aviation expert or critic has tried to explain the MOTIVE of why Captain Zaharie did it.

MH370 was NOT a SUICIDE mission, but a HEROIC MISSION went wrong.

1. For families and friends of MH370 crew and passengers, they may find solace to know that they were knocked unconscious and did not suffer from injuries or the drowning when MH370 sank.
We will never truly know WHY MH370 Captain Zaharie did what he did as dead men tell no tales. The MH370 Black Box, if ever found, may be able to reveal WHAT happened but not WHY it happened.
Find CLOSURE, and move on.
2. Captain Zaharie whispered his story to Robert when his guardian angel Brenda connected him with Captain Zaharie in the Afterlife Universe. Captain Zaharie had good intentions and a good heart but alas his heroic mission went wrong.
3. Malaysian Editors refused to print Robert's story as linking MH370 to Anwar Ibrahim was too political and too insensitive.
4. Conspiracy theorists and debaters tend to be too caught with the tiny details (the million versions of leaves), instead of focusing on the big picture (the root and the trunk).

For the record, several prominent American Investigative Journalists (e.g. Craig Santy, Hollywood Producer of Looper and Resident Evil), American Conspiracy Theorists, and Media inquiries have contacted Robert.

99% of American Conspiracy Theorists on MH370 are totally off tangent and majority are totally ridiculous.

Robert's own cousin works for Freescale Semiconductors Malaysia (now known as NXP Semiconductors) who had 12 Malaysians and 8 Mainland Chinese in MH370. Due to divine intervention Robert's cousin swapped with his colleague because March 8th 2014 was his wedding day.

MH370: The Shocking Clue WHERE, WHY and WHAT Happened: https://tinyurl.com/ybqax5mh

Read about The Untold Story of Robert's own Intern Puteri Nabila who booked 50 Foreign Exchange UiTM Students but were saved from MH370: https://tinyurl.com/ycmzok4n

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