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Published on Aug 6, 2012

Official Comprehensive Rules for Poopy Pizza

100 Game Concepts and Setup
101 Poopy Pizza is a Free-For-All variant of the game Ping Pong.
102 Equipment for POOPY pizza is typical for that of a game of Ping Pong.
Each player has his or her own paddle.
103 The game is played by 3 or more players advancing in a circular motion, with two players considered "Active" at a time. All players except for the "Active" players are considered "Non-Active"
103.a Active players are the two players on the ends of the Table, passive players occupy the space to the sides of the table in queues.
103.b While a player is Active, typical rules of Ping Pong apply to that player
103.c An Active player becoms Non-Active when he or she makes contact with the ball. he or she then proceeds from his or her end of the table to the queue for the other end of the table.
103.d When an Active player becomes Non-Active, the next player in that side's queue replaces him/her as that sides Active player.

200 The round
201 A round begins when an active player Serves the ball, and it ends when a player receives a letter.
202 At the beginning of a round, both queues must have similar length, within one player.
202.a A "bye" may be issued at the beginning of a round to the Active player who's queue is larger to even the length of the queues. A player who receives a Bye advances to the other side's queue, and is replaced as Active player by the first player in his or her queue.
203 A player receives a letter any time he or she is Active and makes a play error that would typically reward a point to an opponent under normal Ping Pong rules.
203.a Whenever a player receives a letter, he or she receives the next letter from the word POOPY that he or she does not currently possess.
203.b When a player receives all five of the letters from the word POOPY, that player loses the game and leaves the play area. All occupants of the room must say "awww... poopy!"
203.c Letters may also be received as penalties for bad play, such as taking too long to leave the end of the table or taking other actions that may hinder play for the Active players.
204 At the beginning of a round, the ball served by the side which did not receive a letter in the previous round.
205 Play continues until only two players remain. At this point, the player with less letters wins. If both players have the same number of letters, the game ends in a Tie.

300 Pizza
301 Before play begins, a neutral third party individual is assigned to be Judge.
302 At any time during play, the Judge may call out the word PIZZA.
303 When the word PIZZA is called by the Judge, Play reverses.
304 To reverse play, each queue is reversed, and assigned to the opposite side. i.e., if players have been rotating in a clockwise motion, they instead advance in a counterclockwise motion.
305.a When play is reversed, the Active player who is receiving the ball receives as normal, but the last player to contact the ball must receive a second time. Play then continues as normal, but in reverse order.
305.b A reversal of play is continues until the next reversal of play.

900 Variant Rules
901 If a variant rule is going to be used for a game, it must be decided and declared before the beginning of play by the Judge.

910 Dubstep
911 At the beginning of play, a neutral third party is decided to be the Jury. The Jury is typically composed of several members and may include the Judge
912 The decision on whether the Jury will decide Best dancers or Worst must be made and announced by the Judge at the beginning of play.
913 While a game is being played with Dubstep (the rule) Dubstep (the music) must be playing at a level all players can hear. preferably loudly.
914 At any time during a round, the Judge may call out the word DUBSTEP.
914.a When the word DUBSTEP is called, all players must place their paddles on the table and dance to the music.
914.b As soon as DUBSTEP is called, the rules of Ping Pong no longer apply.
914.c Players must continue dancing until a ruling is issued by the Jury.
914.d To issue a ruling, the Jury may select the best dancer amongst the players, or the worst.
915 A player ruled worst dancer receives a letter.
916 A player ruled best dancer loses one of their letters. The round is then Over.


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