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Published on Apr 3, 2011

Yaaaay, Patches audition~

So hopefully this is all okay. If it isn't just let me know and I'll change whatever needs changing! :D

It's a cool roleplay thing with awesome people in it, for those who do not know. n____n

Although it tears at your heartstrings (at least it does for me), for it is centered around people who have been abused in the past and are going to this support group thing called Patches. But for as depressing as it sounds it is also kind of happy because it is equally about people getting over their past problems and living happy lives! ~ At least, that is what I am going for. If I get in. So pretty much, I was like, "I need to come up with a story that won't be too depressing and at least is kind of happy~"

And so I sort of did.

Although this is my first time using text as dialogue and oh-my-god is it ever terrible. "These guys help people". Like, woooow Zephyr. Thank you for the HUGE insight there. XD

Also, please excuse everyone's constantly changing hair colour and clothes. It is just what happens when you're using RoF footage. ^^;

So like, here is my basic info and stuff:

MC: Leanne (for flashback scenes I used young Shion...just because it kind of worked. I saw after that Shion was on that list of people taken, but it's hardly ever going to come up, and when it does, it will all be mostly greyscale like in this video. Hopefully that is okay and if not I'll just change it for next time. n_____n)
Supports: Zephyr and Vashyron


Well, okay, story summary, since the full story is apparently too long to post here! D: I'll put a link to it once I get it up though. n____n

(This is also the extremely goofy version)
-Zephyr's all like, "yo Vashyron, where did Leanne go?"
-Vashyron's all, "this note thing says that she went out for a walk on the town. But why you worried kid, you're way more emo than her. I mean, look at you!"
-Zeph is all, "be quiet foo Imma gonna go find her!"
-Leanne's all walkey walkey walkey, until she comes to a railing and starts just thinking about the past. While thinking about the past her hair, eyes, and clothing magically changes! O:
-In all seriousness, she can't sleep because she keeps thinking about her dad.
-BACKSTORY INFODUMP: -Leanne's mom died when she was little, which her dad did not take well. He fell into a pretty heavy depression, and started neglecting her. The only time he would really pay any attention to her was when he was drunk, and that generally ended with him physcially abusing her, and then she would just be left alone again to cry and lick her wounds, so to speak (metaphorically, obviously).

So then one day when she was older she decided she had had enough of this, and so she chose to run away. At which point Zephyr found her and brought her to live with him and Vashyron, as Vashyron had taken him in in a similar fashion FOR REASONS YET UNKNOWN! O: Leanne was kinda skeptical at first but since then she has grown fond of them and enjoys living with them and is generally happy~ The only problem is that she keeps having nightmares and is paranoid that her dad is going to come find her.


-So then Zephyr finds her and is all "Leanne", and she's all "Imma gonna turn away from you emo kid"
-Then Zephyr's all "You not sleeping yo", and she's all "dude I am fiiiine" Except then she realizes that that is a blatant lie, drops the fake gangsta speak, and tells the truth, which is that she is "mostly" fine.
-Zephyr's all "you should go this place! They help people!" (Zephyr your dialogue is simply AMAAAZING~ XD)
-And Leanne's like, "um okay I guess."




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