Come Back To Me: A Joe Jonas One-Shot (Part 4.2)





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Published on Oct 21, 2009

Here's the second part!! READ PART 4.1 FIRST!!!!

I walked up to the field where they were having her rugby match and watched her run out onto the field...number 5. I came late on purpose...actually, she had no clue I was coming. It was a last minute thing and my family hasnt seen her in a while. Summer told me last night that she was excited for the first home match of the semester and that she wishes that I could come to see it. But, she didnt know that we all planned on coming. I raced towards the Bloomsburg side and lots of people gasped. I shushed them and watched as Summer tackled someone to the ground. I always hated to watch her play, just in case she gets hurt. But, that was just the worry wart inside, but I knew there was nothing to worry about. She wasnt going to die.

All of a sudden, the whistle blew and it was time for a scrum. She got into position and...she looked sweaty and dirty. It was really sexy, actually. I was quite turned on.

"Whats going on, Joe?" My mom asked me. I leaned over to her and said,

"This is called a scrum. This happens when there is a penalty. They all hold onto each other and push the other side to try to get possession of the ball." And I heard the ref call out,

"CROUCH. TOUCH. PAUSE. ENGAGE." And both teams pushed against each other. I saw Summer from our side and she was pushing really hard. Her leg muscles flexed as she pushed forward. Turns out that Bloomsburg won the scrum and got the ball back. She broke out of the scrum and raced to help support the person with the ball. She passed the ball to Summer and then she raced towards the end, dodging the other team...AND SHE GOT IT!!! SHE SCORED!!!

"YEAH SUMMER!!!" Kevin bellowed out.

"ALRIGHT HUSKIES!!! YOU GOT THIS!!" Nick called out.

"SUMMAAAAA!!!" I called out. I saw Summer look in our direction and she took out her mouthpiece and I raced over to the side. She ran over to me.

"Joe!! What are you doing here?! I thought you were on your way to Philly!"

"Well, we had time, so we decided to stop by and see a match. And my family wanted to see you." She waved at my family and she turned back to me as she took a drink of a water bottle a rookie ran over to her. She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and then turned around. "YOU LOOK REALLY SEXY RIGHT NOW, SUMMER!" I called out to her. She turned around, winked and then went to line up. I sighed dreamily at her and then she started playing again.

Boy, do I love that girl.


I arrived home a few minutes later, wiped my tears away and then walked into the house. Mom called out to me,



"COME TO THE KITCHEN PLEASE!!! I NEED TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT SOMETHING!!" She shouted. She didnt sound angry or anything. So, I walked to the kitchen and sat down at the table. My mom was at the sink, cleaning dishes. She looked at me and then back at the dishes. "You missed dinner again." She said, worriedly. I didnt say anything. I wasnt really that hungry. I wasnt really that hungry anymore. Ive lost lots of weight, have been running a lot more than I used to in case I ran into her and Im only muscle and bones. She finished her last dish, put it away and looked at me.

"What did you wanna say to me, Mom? How you hate how depressed I am? How much Im a disappointment to the family? Take your pick." I said coldly. I was seriously in no mood to talk to anyone. She sighed and sat down next to me, tears rolling down her cheek. I may be depressed, but I hate seeing my mom cry. Or any of my family members cry.

"Joseph..." She whispered to me. "Please tell me something." I looked at her and nodded as she wiped the tears away. "If Summer were to come back, how would you react?"


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