Replacing Batteries on R2-D2 Movie Heros Lights & Sound TUTORIAL





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Published on Jun 25, 2012

There is no way to remove the MH R2-D2's batteries out w/o taking it apart, but you can take the new electronics and switch them with ANY previous electronic R2. all parts are standard, but the older versions allow you to replace batteries, so now we can keep the updated, high quality sound chip for a long time, and i will show you how i did it. so gather up your MH R2, and choose a second R2 (i chose Dagobah R2) to recieve these great high quality LIGHTS & SOUNDS!

TOOLS: pliers, piece of thick cloth or leather, small or medium flathead screwdriver, exacto knife, crazy glue

A. the body is made up of two halves ultrasonically welded together (very high frequency vibrations melt the plastic together)
B. the seam can be broken by applying pressure to the it on both sides, using pliers...DO NOT use pliers directly one the figure
C. I used a piece of craft leather to protect the figure and prevent the pliers from leaving a mark on the plastic
D. make sure the pliers are positioned over the seems, and slowly apply more and more pressure until you hear a pop or crack. dont worry about damaging the electronics
E. now there should be enough of a gap to insert a small flat head screwdriver so you can begin to pry the two halves apart
F. you want to break the rest of the seem by pulling the 2 halves apart, rather than cutting at it. you CAN use an exacto blade to cut away at the plastic that didnt break apart with the initial crack, on the bottom. if you cut away too much, at least you cant see it
G. you are breaking the seam on either sides by using the screwdriver as a brace and sliding it up, separating the two halves as you go. be careful here. DONT insert the flathead screwdriver too far or you may damage the electronics.
H. the seams on the dome will be the last to break. when you get to that point. the legs will fall out and you should be able to pull the 2 halves apart

A. the only parts glued down are the LED and the speaker (black cylinder). take out the circuits like so...careful not to break the wire in the process
B. the other half
C. the button is not secured and comes out easily
D. depending on how much glue is present, you can loosen and remove the LED without tools
E. the speaker is tightly glued. stick a small screwdriver through the gap an pry it out

*optional* only if you want to replace the MH R2 factory batteries with fresh ones. the batteries are held in palce by two plastic walls, and you will have to force the top one out. the other 2 will fall out easily and you can put them back just as easily. the third will have to be forced back in but you will first have to cut or grind down some of the plastic that hold the batteries in. just cut away the portion of the sides nearest to the top battery, and only enough to get the battery to go through. make sure +/- sides are correct

A.now take the electronics from the older R2 that you chose and have already taken apart
B. Place it in the same way. make sure the two metal prongs slide into the appropriate slots. test to make sure it functions. if it doesnt the batteries may not be touching one or both of the metal prongs. take it back out and slighly bend the metal prong inward so it can make contact. you dont have to glue the LED/speaker down. once you made sure R2 works, put on the other half on to make sure it will close properly. make sure the LED goes through the hole

take the half that doesnt hold the electronics and place the glue on the grooves and inside the peg holes. line up the halves and press firmly togther. be careful that the button stays in place while you are joining the two sides. and youre done!


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