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Published on Jun 16, 2008

Dedicated to: EllesSacrifice, because all her videos are amazing and her latest crossover inspired me to make this :)
Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uAvNc...

Music: "le tango de roxanne" - moulin rouge soundtrack
TV Show/s: One Tree Hill + Veronica Mars
Characters: OTH - Brooke, Lucas, Peyton, Rachel
VM - Veronica
Note: Very twisted love/hate story I came up with off the top of my head, I'm really sorry if this is too confusing!

Long Summary: Lucas & Veronica are dating. Brooke has a crush on Lucas, and is introduced to his new girlfriend, Veronica. Lucas is driving with Peyton, they end up kissing when they arrive back at his house, only for Veronica to walk in. Veronica and Lucas break up, as she is devastated that he cheated on her. Brooke runs into Lucas and Rachel, leaving the gym together. Veronica arrives at Nathan & Haley's wedding (*although they are absent from the video*) only to bump into Brooke & Peyton and see them argue about the whole Lucas situation. Brooke watches on angrily as Peyton dances with Cooper, and Veronica who is watching the scene play out, giggles to herself as she is angry at both Lucas and Peyton (because Peyton and Lucas kissed, and Brooke likes Lucas).
Veronica, who is in her car, notices Lucas and Brooke walking down the street and is upset that Lucas might be moving on already.
Back at the reception, Brooke walks in on Peyton and Lucas hugging and walks away.
To get Lucas' attention, Veronica gets drunk and makes a fool out of herself which reminds Lucas of a time when Rachel undressed herself in front of him to get his attention.
Brooke, still mad at Peyton, asks Lucas to dance and then kisses him. Rachel watches on angrily as she too likes Lucas.
Brooke finds out that Lucas and Peyton kissed again ("Did you kiss her again?") and leaves.
Brooke and Peyton argue.
Veronica watches on as Lucas stands alone, and then Lucas approaches her.
Brooke and Peyton continue to argue and Brooke leaves, Peyton collapses on the bed and flashforewards of Brooke going to visit Lucas begin. Brooke see's Veronica in Lucas's room (although it is innocent) and leaves angrily.
Brooke goes to visit Peyton and apologises, Peyton apologises too.
Meanwhile, Veronica finds a bunch of flowers in her car, with a card from Lucas that says "Peyton and I are just friends".
Brooke's present to Nathan and Haley is a play, in which Lucas and Peyton have roles. During their time on stage, Peyton has flashbacks of her time with Lucas and realises that she is still in love with him, Brooke who is watching on, realises that Peyton still loves Lucas too.
Flashback to Veronica, who suddenly realises that Lucas is a liar and a cheater.
Brooke goes to see Peyton, they argue, Brooke slaps Peyton and then leaves.
Veronica and Lucas argue, Veronica tells Lucas that he is not worth her time.
Peyton punches Brooke. They wrestle.
Veronica see's Lucas trying to flirt with Brooke, but Brooke looks unimpressed.
Brooke cries to Veronica about all the damage Lucas has done, Lucas walks in on them talking about him.
Brooke goes to see Peyton and they make up.
Peyton, Veronica, Brooke and Rachel unite as they realise how horrible Lucas really is and in the end Lucas is left all alone.


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