America The Dumbest Nation !!





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Published on Jan 5, 2009

So called developed nation lolz!!!!

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....see this is wrong, what they did here was interview a large number of people and only broadcast from that pool the small group of people who were fucking retarded. "lets just pick these idiots and imply that this is what ALL american people are like"
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Karlis Liepa
The more I argue with USA folks over internet the more I can confirm that 'Muricans in general are dumber than my left shoe.
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Karim Karimous
Why do they even bother on having schools in the us? 
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Camden Christian
who else busted out laughing when the guy said Fidel Castro was a singer
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Selective editing is all that this was about.We're only watching bits and pieces spliced in here and there to make them look stupid. I'm Canadian and I love the USA! 
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Generalizing an entire nation (by a clearly staged video) is dumb in itself. That and to say that America is the dumbest nation in the world means that you've obviously did no research. America in education is ranked 36th in the world out of 193 countries in education, so the USA can't be the dumbest nation.
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Peejay Bee
As an American I can't defend this. I bet if you would've asked any of these people what's happening on the Real Housewives of whatever or Basketball wives or some other stupid shit you could've gotten accurate and very detailed answers. 
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Zelda fan
People this is not an accurate representation of america no one I know is that stupid, however Texas is very dumb.
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kevin durant is a stupid snake
America - The home of the free and the brave.
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Fy six
You know what. Im done... i am just DONE. Bring on the police state, and let me tell you why. They can make being a fucking moron illegal. If you are below a certain IQ level, beat your ass with a physics book and force you to work on production to repay you debt to society for sucking up all the air intelligent people need to function. With agriculture and manufacturing controlled by the cheap labor, Prices of necessities will drop. Leaving the Higher classes to focus on creating advancements in education and technology to be enjoyed by the middle/upper classes.  Without the unintelligent breeding at a rate 6 times faster than intelligent people we can control population. Once the population is lowered, Supply for resources will increase while demand drops. We will have cheap everything! Then we can focus on making the unintelligent intelligent with our advanced technologies and school system thus removing unintelligence from the equation forever! Higher education across the board means lower crime in the long run! We gave freedom a try... it was fun while it lasted, but people just cant handle themselves. This is satire of course, if you take it seriously you belong in the aforementioned stupid camps.
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