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Published on May 1, 2012

My 1st look at the Elementalist class in Structured PVP from the April 27-29 GW2 Beta Weekend Event. BWE1 was my first time playing Guild Wars 2.

My first look at the Elementalist class in Structured PVP from the April 27-29 Beta Weekend Event.

I discuss the core mechanics of the Elementalist class and play a build with a mix of DoT (Condition) damage, direct damage, and offhealing.

Condition (DoT) damage comes from multiple sources:
1. Bleed effect from Earth spammable Stone Shards chain
2. 60% chance on crit to proc a 5-sec bleed from the weapon sigil
3. Burning effects from 2 Fire abilities: Ring of Fire and Flamestrike
4. 20% chance when hit by a melee to apply burning effect
5. 20% chance to cause burning on a crit

Healing is provided by:
1. Signet of Restoration's passive effect to heal when weapon abilities are used. For the Stone Shards chain, this can proc 3 x 170 (510) healing. Note that the Hurl ability, which is a follow-up to Rock Barrier, does not proc the healing probably because RB is considered the actual cast
2. Signet of Restoration's Active heal
3. PBAoE heal Cleansing Wave in Water Attunement
4. Ranged AoE heal Water Trident in Water Attunement
5. PBAoE heal when attuning to Water from the 15-pt Healing Ripple trait
6. HoT that ticks for 80 from the 5-pt Soothing Mist trait while attuned to Water
7. Temporary PBAoE regeneration buff that ticks for 90 from Elemental Attunement

- I incorrectly referred to my spec as a "Containment" spec, but I meant "Condition" spec
- The 90-point heal ticks were from the optional trait Elemental Attunement, which provides an AOE regeneration buff when you attune to Water, not from Signet of Restoration

Thanks to my guildee Top for helping me ramp up on GW2 mechanics and the Elementalist class. As I blogged earlier, the learning curve for GW2 is rather steep!

UPDATE (2012/07/15): due to the nerf in BWE2 to Signet of Restoration's passive effect (now only 1 heal proc per cast, e.g. instead of 3 heal procs for Stone Shards) and the introduction of trait tiering, I switched from a Signet-heavy build to using more Glyphs, so that spec provides buffs along with heavy Condition damage.


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