Baboons kidnap and raise feral dogs as pets





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Published on Aug 4, 2011

From the documentary "Animals Like Us"

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Micah Carey
This is nonsense. Baboons do NOT kidnap feral dogs (those here are actually Caanan dogs) and raise them as "pets." This is footage filmed by a French television crew in Saudi Arabia of baboons scavenging at a dump. The footage at the start showing an adult baboon dragging a puppy is an example of rough play not a "kidnapping." The other footage shows the baboons and the dogs together at the dump. The animals are merely tolerating each other not living together. The footage was shown on a British nature show 'Animals Like Us' and deceptive (actually false) narration was added. Baboons don't kidnap puppies and raise them as "pets". That's nonsense.
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Little shits are getting to smart, time to nuke em
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grant Diggs
hatboxful lulz
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Jorsh Jager
i hate fucking baboons
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Some Dude
Taken 4 kidnapped by baboons
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James Barnett
Rome and Greece aren't in ruins retard any more than some pyramids are. There is so much wrong with your post. The genetics don't predate Europeans. Waves of humans left Africa (thankfully) and flourished in Asia and Europe. First civilization in Sumeria was founded by those who left that forsaken continent.
Mr. Meeseeks
It's funny how a certain kind of people will immediately use this as an insult. Ya I picked this name on purpose btw. It warns me when people have IQ's that are lower then their shoe-size. And it really works!
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No Chance Without Pasta
Y'know, watching that male baboon drag that puppy across those rocks like that suddenly makes humanity make a lot more sense. Apes don't care how they get what they want, as long as they get it.
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Alka Pone
You can observe many of the monkeys in this comment section as well
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Rathcore 18
Alka Pone Or edgy kids complaining about humanity
that dude
got em!! ahahahahahahhahahahahahhahha
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Perseus Wong
02:24  I didn't know Baboons also put collars and tags on their feral pets. "If lost, please call Baboon" 
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Kick The Baby
Perseus Wong it's most likely a collar tag for researchers who do document these animals for various things. Like population checks and other sorts of stuff. It's supposed to be a "tracking" tag so they know it's the same animal as before.
Ray Quesada
+Jon Baxter Uh, Yes, Mr Baboon, I seem to have found your dog...is there a reward?
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He fucked the puppy.
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Social Liberal Pepe
MySonNarkoman So did ceaser, look it up, his political opponent said he was a "nice guy" so he raped a puppy to death in the town square. Them Romans was fucked up.
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Brandon Matthew
Pretty soon baboons will be utilizing fire.
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"You... are NOT ape."
Kevin Lazaro
sgfhk321 and then they'll be horse back riding firing their assault rifles at the humans while all of them follow an ape called Caesar, who can actually talk but how does he talk you ask? Well he was the result of an experiment medicine that was used to treat people against Alzheimer's but the medicine triggered and developed his intelligence thus making him able to make choices of his own and tries to liberate all the other apes from a facility where the blonde kid from Harry Potter used to work... sorry guys I've been watching too much planet of the apes
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did i just watch a baboon drag a puppy down a hill by it's tail, sit on it then sniff it's ass?...
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Rollo Larson
+Mahendra Thapa Nah, the baboons are sexual predators, and as we saw the dogs were groomed (trained) from a young age.
Mahendra Thapa
Rollo Larson seems like dogs are slowly liking getting fucked by baboons ...
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