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Streamed live on Feb 10, 2017

Discover how Brian quickly found success with Drop Ship Lifestyle. Also, learn his top strategies that led him to make 63K in revenue during our 10K Challenge.

You'll learn:

- How Brian found DSL and why he decided to invest
- What makes the DSL Blueprint different than another course he tried
- The 3 things that motivated him to be successful
- His advice related to niche selection
- Why you should work directly with suppliers rather than companies like AliExpress
- Why we recommend Shopify to build your stores
- Why he recommends Bing Ads
- What he outsources and why
- Ways to think about ad budgets
- Targeting and retargeting tips

Links from this YouTube Live session:

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- Bing Ads | Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - https://secure.azure.bingads.microsof...
- All Drop Ship Success Stories Are Here - https://blog.dropshiplifestyle.com/ca...

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Video Transcription - Drop Shipping Talk With 10K Challenge Finalist Brian

[00:00:01] Adam: Hello this is Adam at DSL, Drop Ship Lifestyle and today I have a special guest. I have Brian on this session. How's it going, Brian?

[00:00:13] Brian: Doing great

[00:00:15] So Brian was part of the 10k challenge just over a week ago and he was number 3. He had just over $63000 in sales during that window that we had the 10k challenge open. Since then he has made more sales so stay tuned for that if you want to hear more about that. We are going to be going over, how did you find DSL and some basic strategy that he used to achieve those numbers. Again, welcome Brian.
[00:00:48] Brian: Thank you so much. I got to meet this Zac guy that did $250,000 or whatever the total amount was.

[00:00:55] Adam: Well, you are going to be seeing him hopefully next week because I am going to be talking to him next week. OS, if you have any questions for him we can pick his brains. We already spoke with Greg who was number 2 just over a month ago. So, I guess my first question if you don't mind, tell everyone listening what you were doing before finding Drop Ship Lifestyle, then all the way through to finding Drop Ship Lifestyle and what made you want to take action. If you could kind of walk us through all that?

[00:01:39] Brian: Yeah, okay, so not a tough question but tough to decide where to start. I have been in the corporate world, like a lot of people in the DSL program, for many years. I am probably older than most, I am 36 so I have been working for a long time. My wife was very successful; she was actually a CFO for several years of a large internet marketing firm of all places. I would say that, like a lot of people, we were generally unhappy with the lifestyle. If you go back about two to three years ago I was living in LA, working in Culver city, driving about two and a half to three hours a day between home and work for my commute, I had a newborn or one-year-old son at the time and it was making me nuts to be away from him all the time. I was just never fully comfortable not having the freedom to do things I want to do, or even run a company the way I want to run one and my wife was in the same place. She had a great job with a great company but she just generally wasn't happy and we always knew that we wanted our own business; that eventually we were going to set out on our own and we just needed the right trigger to make it happen. So, fast forward to, I want to say, what year is it now - so it would be 2015 and we had an opportunity to leave both of our jobs for a start-up and it was an odd start up but it was a great one and we were making very good money. We were there for just under a year but unfortunately funding dried up, the partnership sort of collapsed and things didn't work and so as of February 2015 the writing was on the wall that that was over and neither one of us was really comfortable going back and looking for jobs - it just wasn't going to happen. Add to that my wife had always really had the desire to spend, at least, more time with the kids, if not stay home with the kids because at this point we had our second child and he was about 5 months old. So again, this is February 2017 and we have said okay that's it - this is the time, the reason that we need to need to finally set out and do things on our own. We had had dozens of different ideas for business over the years but none of them had got far enough along for us to really sink our teeth into. So, we were at this point where we knew we wanted to go off and do our own business but everything is a little too enigmatic to start. We didn't have the right idea yet and I think I came across DSL, to be honest, I think I was a classic lead generation candidate, I think I just got hit on Facebook enough times that I finally clicked on it and I started watching it. I've always believed in the importance of investing in yourself.

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