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Published on Oct 6, 2009

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Music video by Billy Currington performing Walk A Little Straighter. (C) 2002 Mercury Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Eddy Newton
My dad was a vicious drunk. Come home and beat my mom and myself. One day when I was 7 years old. He beat my mom to a bloody pulp. He started on me... As I got away from his grip I went to my bedroom and grabbed the first thing I saw. My baseball bat. I told my dad that you will never hit me or mom again. He said " WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?" I hit him. Knocked him out. He MOVED out that weekend. To all those please stand up and put a end to the abuse
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Tyler Hoaglund
Cody Rethman dude stfu
Cody Bayliff
Sorry to hear but great job👌
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My father and step mother were very angry alcoholics and my step sister and I had to break them up continuously because they would fight physically. We had to call the cops a few times as well. My father would yell at me most nights for hours, calling me every name in the book, and continuously telling me I was going to end up like my drug addict mother. I graduated a year early from high school with NTHS honors, was a full time nanny, and enlisted in the Air Force before I turned 18, but that didn't matter to him. Their drinking eventually lead to them kicking me out one January night and forgetting about it the next morning. Because they forget about it, they assume I'm lying. My father thinks I would lie about my own name if I could.. I haven't spoken civilly with my father in almost a year now. I called him on his birthday and he was drunk, and he chewed me out, I called him on fathers day, and he chewed me out.  While I was in basic training, they sent me a birthday card, and they acted like everything was normal, fine. So, I wrote them back to tell them I was in Med Hold and would be separating. Apparently they didn't like that because during my month stay in med hold, I didn't get a reply. I get very depressed when I think about my father, because when he was sober, we were best friends. But there's no way anything will ever be the same. He loves his beer too much. Sometimes I wish I wasn't me. I wish I was never born, I want to die... but. At the same time, I want to prove him, and the statistics wrong, and be the best damn whatever-I-decide-to-be I can be. If you have a similar parent, remember: It's not forever. I know it fucking sucks. I've wished I was never born most of my life. But it will get better. One day, you'll be free, and at first, you will have no idea what to do with your life. You'll feel lost, and you'll think being back there is better. But it's not. You'll pull through it. You just have to hope. Hope is the only thing that got me through it. Just believe. If anyone wants to message me for any reason, by all means, feel free. I'd love to talk to you.
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Melissa Currie
u are a very strong person and most people don't realize they r hurting the only ones close to them or care about them but one day he might need you. and then u have a hard choice to make or if you have kids. just stay strong n keep going. glad you are living ur life now. it was their problems not ur
Matthew Stevens
i am sorry that happed to u
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This song hits me. Music is the only thing capable of making me cry. Makes me feel like an asshole for all the times I piss of my dad :( all he does is work hard to provide me with a good life and I act like an asshole.
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Walter Lyons
Elizabeth Barreto don't
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mikael b
I use to blast this song when I was about 10. I'd go see my dad for a weekend visitation, and I played this on guitar for him. (at the age of 10). he chose beer over his children. I love him so much, and always will. but he's not a good man. I haven't seen him in 8 years. if he had been in my life, I might not have got raped by his drinking buddy, my brother might not have drowned when he was 4, and I would have someone to call dad. occasionally, I go over to the home I grew up [my moms house] to do yard work, and I'll find an old empty Busch beer can in the woods. I always think of him, and this song plays in my head. if your out their daddy.. I love you, and always have. I forgive you. I only hope your doing well, and have managed to kick the can. if you haven't, I still love you. perhaps you'll find peace in the next life.
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Jaycee Turner
mikael b I'm sooo sorry, I have a lots of friends just like that and I hate that I can't do Nothin about it all I can do is give them advice
I am so sorry that you went through that...my heart goes out to you...I am glad you are away and I pray that you stay safe and heal from it so it doesn't haunt you...you did not deserve that treatment...shalom...
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wolven outcast
its astounding how often parents forget that every moment someone is watching them. Not judging them per say, but watching and looking for guidance down the road call life. All our actions are noticed and they in one way or another influence someone else. Either negative or good someone is following in your footsteps be it your children, your friends, or a stranger that passes you by. Know that those who strive for the stars may never notice the light they shine on others, but the good you do will be noticed whether or not you do it. But unfortunately any little thing you might do for whatever reason if its seen as bad more often then not people will pick up on that quicker than the good. Because humanity is always looking for some way to destroy each other or bring them down a notch.
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Scott Holt
Trevor Wilkinson
Hell yes and we'll spoken!
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Lane Blount
Whoever you are please stop cutting onions
Joe Turner
It's shreck
Holly Emerson
this song makes me cry
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Kelsey Hoffman
Holly Emerson save here
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General Reeves
My dad loved 🍻➕🚬 not his 👨‍👩‍👧
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Josh Owens
General Reeves just pray for him and go visit him
Julio Alaniz
DruggedUpRedneck dont ever speak about your father in that tone!
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What's a dad? I wouldn't know son, I never had one.... :(
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Kenny easley
Hardest question my 5 year old has asked
Jake Kingbmx
Brennie1001 same
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Like if your watching in 2014-2015
Justin Nielsen
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