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Published on Jun 30, 2011

part 2

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are you serious.. if your wife got fat you would be ashamed to be seen with her? I wouldn't give a damn what others may think of my bf. I would still love him even if he were to be fat, but maybe I am the only one who thinks this way. 
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alexandra störbrauck
iCookiesh Exactly, appearance is more important when we get to know somebody, bc it is the only thing we immediately know about a strange person. But after knowing someone better and loving the one, there are so much more things that count than the look.
Caitlin Brooks Some people have that attitude, he obviously prefer's slim women+there's nothing wrong with this as there's plenty Men that prefer BBW's, personal preference+all that.
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Too bad the Beauvais' positive thinking wasn't able to manifest some compassion towards their fellow man. What a pair of mean, judgmental, dry robots. There's no love; they treat everyone--including their own, trapped children--like soulless corporations. Those kids don't need a marketing team, they need a listening ear.
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honey owen
+sagittariaobserver you must be a relative or friend (didn't see any on the show) of the poor family. either that or it's opposite day. it takes very very little money to buy a needle and thread and a scrub board will take out any stains grass, mud. i have one so i know. i heard cher died? did she have a heart attack?
+sagittariaobserver Where did you get the idea that there is no love given to the kids, or that they don't listen to them. The kids are barely in it, and they seem like nice, well adjusted kids. It seems that they have created a life where they can work from home and spend plenty of time with their kids... They showed that the mom wakes them up with positive affirmations. Deena wasn't mean at all, in fact she is much better than me. I would not have been able to eat in that trailer, it was absolutely disgusting.
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carrie carebear
 comment pissed me off the most..."i would be embarrassed to be seen with her"  what a fucking asshole!!!  who cares what she looks like...she is a human too!!!
Audrianne Giroud
Omg Cher is cracking me UP! Lol
alexandra störbrauck
Me too, big time. I love her ironic attitude about the Beauvais "rules".
Bunny Sunny
pretty funny to see a fat POS making fun of successful people, who work realy hard for what they have, instead of sitting around by tv in a puddle of dirt. You aren't that poor, you have tv, a house and a car
sandy xx
+Sunny Bunny Exactly! Both poor parents use the excuse that they dont work or do housewrk so they can spend time with their family.
+Sunny Bunny Yeah, she is obviously just jealous of anyone who is successful. I can see being resentful of people who are just filthy rich and didn't earn anything, but they are rich because they created products that people like and bought. How can you hate on that?
Glen Mathers
Lmao the kid asked if he'll still be allowed to brush his teeth during the swap
it's not easy to come out of proverty.. the poor ones are getting poorer.. just a small percentage is able to get out of such misery. Unfortunately changing one's mindset won't make you a successful person. You might look better when leading a healthy lifestyle but getting out of proverty is another sotry.
A Boston
The Beauvais mom has a lot of great points honestly.
george Thompson
ik whats wrong with enthusiasm i mean if she thinks it got her where she is then continue to think that cuz it seems its working out
I agree too.
Poor people used to be skinny.. What the hell went wrong there ???
patrick45sue Too much fried processed crap!
I hope that kid Kennedy breaks free from his horrid family and goes places :)
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+Melanie M Exactly.. You can be poor, but there is no excuse for being filthy or that fat. You can get up and clean, you can go for walks or jog. If you can afford the $30 she said they spend on pizza nights, you can afford laundry detergent.
Sarah Munoz
Well okay. 
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