15 year old knocked out by cop





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Published on May 6, 2011

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Phoenix, Ariz., police officer who was caught on video slamming a 15-year-old girl into a wall after she allegedly assaulted her mother while drunk

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"We shouldn't be crucifying the officer without knowing all the facts" ...................... smh ................. but this youtube video tho?????????? ....................... Dummies live amongst us ladies and gentlemen .... and some of them wear uniforms.
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Harry Smarry
Well i agree that there are alot of things...they could do differently and their actions are questionable so i do agree with you on some points
+Harry Smarry .... Ever consider police officers brought this on themselves by not policing themselves??? .... Immediately defending questionable actions as in this video?? .... Always using the US vs. Them mentality??? ..... Ya'll must have forgotten ... Rodney King was beaten by 4 police officers back in the 90's .... this ain't new to us..... Life is no different to me (or many others) now than before Ferguson ... except ya'll (those of you oblivious to police brutality before now) know about it ...
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Alex Ross
Ok yes the girl was going to jail, but look at the size difference... The cop could have easily taken her down. No need to shove her into a concrete wall... This is the police abusing their power, just like a video was shown a few weeks ago of a cop choking a man to death.
Agree, not to mention the kid in Missouri who was unarmed and gunned down by police as he allegedly stopped and raised his arms.  I'm all for enforcing the law and putting scum bags behind bars, but there's something  going down in our country.  There are people today who don't respect law enforcement, and we are seeing a backlash.by police.  Maybe police are being pushed over the edge due to increasing danger in their job.  Not really sure what's happening but I'm thinking things are going to get worse.
You never hit a lady, much more less if you're a fucking cop.
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+Trexx True, but that bitch aint no lady.
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Somehow Americans will defend this. You are so brainwashed and worship these state sponsored thugs like gods. Fuck America.
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Aaron Richards
+megatroll stupid bitch got what she deserved. who beats their own mother? the cop did what we all wanted to do to her cunt ass.
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Royce Ardery
That ass hole needs fired and charged 
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Keaton Dayne
yeh after hearing what you said i dont feel as bad for her lol, but still ya know. 
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Police ought to be better than a common thug.
richie baby
It doesn't matter if she hit her mother or anything like that.The cop attacked a 15 YO girl.That is a fact.Fucking gostappo cowardly police man who attacks a 15 YO girl.And ppl on here saying she deserved it.I'm worried about ppl in America when a grown man attacks a young girl from behind and ppl saying she deserved it.Fucking morons.
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Sandip KC
+richie baby do you think officer should ask her age or he could guess her age from behind?
Rodrigo Kossmann de Oliveira
+Aaron Richards No, doesn't matter. Matter when she's in a court, not when she walk in street without risk anyone's life.
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Carston 101
'Impact push' my ass! Shes just walking and he practically tackles her into the wall.
Teens like her should be put down like a rabid dog, she will never be a life worthy of life.  
Fuck right off kid
Dumbass youth generation. Don't you see, you politically-correctly , stupid, worthless community of America, that she just walked away after having assaulted another female? She SAW the police coming! And that's enough of a reason for me to kick her down the concrete.  Lack of respect to other people, the authority and law should be punished without giving any chance to "defend". This is not how you teach people that there are laws and rights to obey in community. As for me, the officer should've been given an award for teaching that teenage female cunt that she just can't abuse other people and pretend as if nothing happened. You abused an innocent human being? You'll face the concrete. Worthless bitch.
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