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Published on Dec 10, 2013

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Advocare: What you should know if you are thinking about joining Advocare.
There is a lot of talk out there about Advocare, make sure you know the truth.

Advocare is a MLM business. So what exactly does that suggest. Well, a network marketing is a business where you are mainly an independent contractor for a company, and every time you advertise one of the companies goods, you make a profit. Now, if that was the case, it would make more sence for you just be called a rep, wouldn't you agree? Well, it's a tiny bit different with multi level marketing organizations. With multi level marketing companies, you can also employ citizens onto the company on your 'team' where they go out and make increase business, just like you. However, every time somebody you bring onto your team into the company makes a sale, you get paid from their sale! It's called an overide. Pretty cool correct? You can now start to see why multi level marketing companies are so accepted. In Theaory, you can use on a lot of people to sell for you, and if each person you hire is generating, or at least some are... you can make money doing virtually nothing!!!!
Well, the cool thing is, it works! There are a lot of people, who are in all different types of MLM companies, who have build big teams... and now they don't do anything, and make 5,6,7, and even 8 figures a year!!! Pretty cool don't you think.

0:15 Who am I
1:15 Advocare. What Advocare
2:00 is Advocare a scam
3:15 since Advocare is legit, what you need to know about Advocare
4:05 an you make money in Advcoare
4:35 what to do to grow your Advocare business, fast!

Now, if these types of businesses are so great, why are their countless people who have difficulties to succeed in them. Well, the answer is quite simple. However, If you don't realize it, and you are uninformed of the answer, then it will not be very obvious to you. The answer is, in traditional MLM companies, which is what this corporation is, you are coached, by your upline, to venture out, and try to get your friends and family into your business. Your upline will state that this is your business, and that you need to treate it like one. Well now here is the thing! If this is really your corporation... and you are suppose to treat it like a business... why the heck are you only going after your friends and family for customers!!!

Imagine. Lets say you opened up a dining place... you would in the at the start tell all your friends and family about it... but is that all you would do. heck no. if thats all you did... you would not be able to get enough customers to make a profile in your business... and your restarant would are unsuccessful.. You need to advertise. You need to market your busienss... you need cusomers..
Well then why in the heck are you not doing this in your network marketing business! Friends and family are great to start off with... but you call for more. You want to advertise and market your business to people to get customers and downlines! Now, the cool thing is... all you need to do is study some basic, simple, marketing and advertising procedures. Once you become skilled at these principles, you can apply them to your business... and explode your business! Now where can you get this info at? I have a link at the top of this report.... Click that link, and it will take you to a presentation outlining exactly what you need to do to grow your network marketing business the right now! Go click that link now, and I'll see you guys on the shorelines of the world :)


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