Harvey f**k off





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Published on Feb 3, 2008

my fave video, when Peter Andre asks Harvey if he's patranising him and Harvey swears at him!

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Cat Lover
I'd say the same thing to Peter Andre too, Harvey 👍
To all the people taking the piss out of this poor child, in the words of Harvey "fuck off"
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where am i
cara beck lmao he/she brings up a good point though, you're just another sheep.
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Everyone who is making fun of Harvey are absolute arseholes, what if your kid had a disability?
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Riggs The Weeb
florenceswalk Hello you anti-male slag. Did you know what you just said was sexist? Gasp
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GoGamerz GnO
Hello you cunt
Belle Singer
It looked like Peter was going to tell him off but Katie stopped him!
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He's retarded he wouldn't understand, you could smack him on the head with a piece of wood and he wouldn't know what happened so what's the point
Kristina Elizabeth
+Belle Singer How am I a useless parent?
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Cash Back
Even Harvey knows Peter and Jordan are a bag of shit.
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Ben Scotting
Thanks for pointing out the fact I have no disabilities! It's a fact I'm very proud of, fuck me I'd rather die than be as fucked in the head as Harvey hehe.
TheVeryComedicTrashbag TM
+Ben Scotting  i'm pretty sure sally is just a normal person defending someone who can't defend themselves. you know, because of the disabilities he has to live with for the rest of his life. unlike you, you soulless twat.
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Natalie Sowerby
People should really shut up with the insults on Harvey, Harvey's a lovely boy, would you like it if you had his special needs and random strangers were saying those disgusting insults to you on the internet? I'm on the autistic spectrum too so when you insult one person with special needs, your insulting everyone with special needs including me, so think twice before you go around insulting children with special needs you bunch of Katie Hopkins loving, cowardly, cyber bullying, low life's, & Harvey, make sure you say that to Frankie Boyle the next time he insults you
Natalie Sowerby it's fucking satire
mama conateh
Exactly. It's not fair on him
Ha ha little retard.
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+BeNNnN fuck off tiny pecker
Aaliyana Williams
Stfu and get a life cause even tho you have one it doesn't look like its a good one.... 😂👀✌
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Matt Hales
We were all thinking it... 
Alfred Ridder
Maybe if they hadn't laughed he wouldn't have called Pierce Morgan a c*nt
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It's cunt, not Piers
Alfred Ridder
+Pierce Tiernan apologies
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