Favorite Girl - A Justin Bieber Love Story Chapter 1





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Published on Feb 9, 2011

Here's the new story, tell us if you like it and want us to continue :)
Hopefully our writing is better than the first chapters of nothin' on you
Lauren's point of view

I was rushing home from the last school knowing my best friend was waiting there, I pushed the front door open, threw my backpack on the floor and ran to the living room.
'JUSTIN!' I screamed giving Justin a big hug, clinging on to him, wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around neck
'LAUREN!' He screamed holding on to me, we haven't seen each other in about six months because he was on tour, well, I saw him on TV and on magazines and on the internet. Oh, did I mention that Justin was a worldwide celebrity with millions, no, billions of fans? Yeah Justin Bieber is my best friend.
'I missed you, a lot!' I said standing up on the ground and letting go.
'I missed you too Lauren!' He said. He placed his hands on my arms and looked at me.
'What?' I said giggling
'You've changed' He said 'A lot'
'Umm thanks?' I said unsure if it was a complement 'You've changed too, you got taller' The last time I saw him, he just a little taller than me, but now he's like four inches taller than me.
'So what have you been up to?' He asked sitting down
'Nothing really, eating, soccer, movies, sleeping, internet and watching every single interview of yours' I said 'Yeah, that's how I spent the last six months, how about you?'
'You just said what I did' He laughed.

Justin and I spent a couple hours talking about what happened when he was away, he told me about the tour, his fans, the concerts he did, the interviews, and the celebrities he met. I told him how our school changed and how everyone started kissing up to Brandy, Sean and I, Brandy and Sean are our best friends, we've been best friends with them for about two years now, Justin and I have been best friends since we were three, so we're a little closer.

'I'm hungry' I said looking at Justin.
He gave me the "I know what you're thinking" Look
'Ice-Cream?' He asked smirking. Whenever Justin and I were hungry, we eat ice-cream or cereal, that's something we've always done ever since we were young.
'Of course!' I said getting up.

We walked to our all time favorite ice-cream shop, "Marble Slab Creamery".
'The usual?' Justin asked.
'Yeah' I said.
I was looking at Justin while he was ordering and I noticed that he got kinda.. Cute? Not in a "Oh my best friend is cute" Kind of way, in a "Oh that guy's cute" Kind of way. Lauren! What are you thinking?! It's Justin you're talking about! Your best friend who's always pulling pranks on you! He's your best friend for God's sake!
'Lauren!' Justin said making me snap back to reality.
'Your order' He said giving me my order, birthday cake with cookies and oreos.
'Umm thanks' I said taking it from him.
'What's wrong?' He asked as we sat on a table.
'Nothing' I said 'What makes you think that something's wrong?'
'You've been acting kinda weird'
'Nothing, I was just thinking' I said.
'So, did you meet anyone on tour?' I asked changing the subject.
'What?' He asked acting dumb.
'Did you meet anyone?' I asked winking at him.
'Oh um, no' He is lying. I can tell. Why is he lying? Why is he lying to me?! We tell each other EVERYTHING!

Justin's point of view

'What's wrong?' I asked curiously
'Nothing, what makes you think that something's wrong?' She defensively asked.
'You've been acting kinda weird' I said
'Nothing, I was just thinking'
Something's on Lauren's mind and she wasn't telling me. Why isn't she telling me?! Aren't we best friends? We tell each other everything!
She said something, but I didn't hear her.
'What?' I asked
'Did you meet anyone?' She said winking at me.
'Oh um, no' I said
Did you like it? Should we continue?
The name will be changed, we came up with "Favorite Girl" In like 3 seconds :)


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