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Published on Dec 4, 2011

Superman vs Goku Who Would Win?

This is a video I am doing as a hypothetical match up between 2 of the most famous characters in all of comics and literature. In a battle to the deat who would win between Dragon Ball Z's Son Goku and DC's The Man of Steel himself Superman.

So if these 2 were to fight who would win? On one had we have the Kryptonian with super strength, speed, agility, laser vision, invulnerability, and ice breath.

In the other corner we have Super Saiyan Son Goku. Son Goku's power are vast being able to match superman in ever category except for laser sight and ice breath. Instead of having those abilities he has a plethora of others including his patented Kamehameha, Instant Transmission, Kao Ken, and Spirit Bomb.

In this match up I have to say that as it goes down Goku would take this. Superman is one of the most powerful beings in any comic book series but Goku using his superior fighting skills would beat him. This break down still makes sense to this day and I was the first one to do this break down Screwattack did their's afterwards with their death battle. Check out SuperHeroStuff.com for all of the latest and greatest SuperHeroStuff!

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Zedek Tobi
Goku is faster (HE CAN TELEPORT!)
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Goku son
i win 
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Vance Abbott
This video is complete shit and full of speculation. 1. Superman knows two forms of martial arts from his own planet. 2. Superman s durability is limitless as long as the sun is out. In this case when he fought doomsday it was night time. Superman s durability has kept him during a universe exploding, for you to say goku durability is equivalent to how many episodes there is nonsense, not to mention they talk instead of fighting for the most part. 3. Goku is significantly slower than supes. Superman travel faster than the speed of light goku cant. 4. Superman doesn't try to become stronger. He spent 700 thousand years to become prime onemillion. 8. Superman s intellect allows him to fight at light speed. Superman always holds back so he doesn't kill. 9. Instead of speculation at least go to wiki and research. Because this is hella incorrect on the most ignorant level. 10. And omfg strength superman bench the earth for 5 days straight and could of kept going hadn't he been told he could stop. Goku could not handle that and theirs math behind it research it. 11. Idk why supes doesn't use his legs Cept for maybe one kick from him may lead to instant death since your legs are naturally stronger than your arms. 12. Superman wins when he hits goku with infinite mass punch.
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Super man prime is a gazilllion times stronger than goku
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I love both superman and goku but come on....if they had fought goku would have OWNED superman
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Ishmel Carder
Stop talking about superman can destroy planets. Thats not talking his fighting skills. Goku is a god now. Goku can dodge his heat vision. Goku punches are faster and stronger. His kicks are stronger. Goku will play around superman. He will have gohan beat superman just like he beat cell.
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loyal hufflepuff
goku wins on normal form sp weak AF losing to Batman😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Ishmel Carder
I would love to see superman fight lord bills or whis he wont last as long as goku did 
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Even if somehow Superman were to have the upper-hand in this fight Goku will win. Goku has defeated most of his competitors by performing the unthinkable to win. Goku has numerous finishing moves and is just better than Superman at everything that associates with fighting. Quite frankly Yamcha would probably beat Superman
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Ilham Defra
Goku Super Saiyan Beyond God can beat up Superman
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