U2's The Edge demonstrating his guitar rig (2/2)





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Published on Oct 7, 2008

U2's The Edge demonstrating his guitar rig (2/1)

Sir John Rogerson's Quay
September 2008

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Rick Scicluna
One of the most unique guitarists in the world. And he belongs to the best band in the world too☺
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Blaise Galewski
False Teeth W
Matt Ellings
+False Teeth kys
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He plays what flows from him, simplicity. Learn to accept it, he has created awesome riffs and melodies to legendary songs like "One", "Where The Streets Have No Name", "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", "With Or Without You" and some more. He's got his style, let him play his style. If you like shredding go somewhere else because The Edge will never do that. His simplicity has worked for him. Let's cut off the criticism.
Personally, I think he's way better than show-off shredders. People who are show-off guitar players in The Guitar Olympics, well, yes, I can recognize that they're very talented, but, to me, their talent is rather flat and empty. Talent will only get you so far. And anybody who really works at it can accomplish it. Big whoop. But what The Edge has (creativity, a unique sound, a genuine love of playing, the ability to play with things like delay and create a new sound, etc) well, that is true, true true talent. Way above what Monkeys in The Guitar Olympics can do. They're one-trick ponies. He's the real deal.
Ben curry
Bang on, It's worked well for him,And some of the sounds like in Mysterious Ways, streets have no name, Im actually learning bass but wanted to put him through his paces as to get a better feel of my playing along with them,With or without you is great to play to,again,but on bass even that is kept simplistic, U2 were/are/was big,Why such criticism of late?
I'm not a big U2 fan particularly but love what The Edge has done with the guitar over the years. Although U2 became this massive stadium act The Edge started out a post-punk guitarist. Post-punk eschewed 'rockist' cliches and was about textures, experimentation, going off in new directions. Over the years he's certainly played plenty of more conventional guitar parts but he's still fundamentally attracted by those post-punk ideas. 'Shred fundamentalists' just don't get this. I can appreciate what Steve Vai does but it doesn't mean I have to denigrate different approaches in the instrument.
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smoothe operator
Effects are another instrument and it really is an art to utilize them tastefully. Another delay and reverb and effects wizard is Johnny Marr.
Preach brotha man!
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I love Edge because he relatable. The man is by no means a virtuoso anything. Has a knack for melody for sure, but he's as real as most of us idiots here. I wonder if Dallas is also his butler at home.
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Philip Henning
+Terrance Hill For sure Bud, I Love him!  His passion for a lick is beautiful!
Terrance Hill
+HankCScorpio You're barking up the wrong tree...take your troll somewhere else pussy. 
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JJ Guitarguy
He seriously needs someone else to pick up his guitar for him, plug it in for him and find his sound on the peddle board? He can't do it him self????? That's just "Rock Star LAZY"......
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Rice Panday
No one can understand that rig but what he does understand is his sound and what he was hearing wasn't it.
That's because he really can't understand his rig! Lol
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Roger Sullivan
Sorry, I can't play this part without my tech showing me how to work my rig.....
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Jon Focker
+Roger Sullivan i agree its totally embarrassing that Dallas babysits him so much.  maybe Dallas works too hard and over time Edge took it for granted or simply the Edge just sucks.
Roger Sullivan
The amount of stuff Kid Beyond has to remember in terms of foot switching just for one song probably exceeds all the foot switching The Edge does in an entire show, yet he ran it all himself and didn't have any techs. Of course, there's nothing wrong with having a tech on tour (Kid Beyond is a vocalist - so that's different), but I think they should be there to keep your gear running properly through the show....occasionally an artist has one behind an air wall or something doing all the pedal stepping, which is okay I guess if the performance is the most important part of your show. It just seemed off putting to me that a guy known for a "signature sound" can't operate his rig without a tech's help. 
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The Edge is old now and probably has hundreds of settings and uses loads of guitars. Just because he doesn't shredd doesn't mean he can't play. ..check them out live. .he's amazing.
What's with all the hate for the Edge and U2? He's a genius and the architect of the U2 sound. They're the greatest band after the Beatles and the Stones. He wouldn't be so "rich" if he hadn't worked hard for his success and had the talent. Nor would they have been selling out stadiums around the world for 25+ years If they sucked. All the haters here will never do anything that amounts to jack squat! .
So I wrote this song when I was in Paris: "Hey tech guy! What tune is the song in?" This song I wrote while on a tour a few years back: "Hey tech guy! What guitar do I play the song on?" Excuse me I have to go to the bathroom: "Hey tech guy! Carry me to the toilet! And my shoe is untied!"
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Alan Gilmour
+TheKille22 Nice one mate, so true. He ain't no Rory Gallagher.
that I can understand 
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Dallas is probably plugging in the guitar for him because it's an interview and they don't want to make it seemless. I'm sure Edge does things himself plenty.
Dallas is plugging guitars for him because it's his job as a guitar tech.
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