Marine veteran detained over Facebook posts





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Published on Aug 20, 2012

Protestors gathered outside John Randolph Medical Center where a Marine veteran is detained after allegedly making some questionable Facebook posts. The postings talk about a revolution and that the government was responsible for 9/11.


YouTube video of the non arrest:


Donald Rumsfeld slip of the tongue:


Brandon Raub Facebook:


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John Doe
There are other possibilities than those you admitting to. Foreknowledge of the attacks on the part of Israelis AND operatives withing the US has been established. Facilitation of the attacks is also indicated by much evidence. This would include the planting of explosive/incendiary devices within the building to ensure their collapse. I do not doubt that planes hit the buildings. Whether the flight manifest was as it was purported to be is questionable. (See Operation Northwoods) Remote control guidance of the planes was possible if not probable. There is much too much evidence to discuss in a paragraph. This works to the advantage of those who want to discredit and cover it up. Sorry, but calling a person who questions the Kosher 9/11 Commission a "truther:" is about as valid as calling a person an "anti-Semite" for citing land theft and human rights abuses on the part of the Israelis. It does nothing to invalidate the arguments. What it does do is hope to dissuade unthinking and uninformed people from listening to them by accepting the mudslinging accusations without question.  From what I have learned, the most likely scenario would involve using the "terrorists" as patsies by luring them into becoming unwitting accomplices possibly due to an ill-conceived plan of their own. Whether they devised the plans themselves and intended to carry them out is aside from the role which the Zionists and/or other criminal alliances played in the completion of them.  No one doubts Arab hostilities anymore than they question the hatred of Muslims against Jews and the US. But neither do I doubt the cleverness of certain Zionist factions to manipulate and use these preexisting hostilities to their own advantage.  It is unlikely that such a feat could have been accomplished by the alleged perpetrators alone. Indeed the whole argument for invading Afghanistan was based upon that premise. But where did we go first? IRAQ. And what did we find there? WMDs?  And what has occurred since then as a result of 9/11 if it hasn't been steady war against all of the nations on the NeoCon hit list which has been accompanied by the accelerated erosion of Constitutional Rights and those contained in the Bill of Rights?  No, friend. The evidence is staked grossly in favor of Zionist involvement. The odds against all of those anomalies occurring which corroborate this assumption due to chance alone are vanishingly small. To state this the other way around; the odds that there WAS a conspiracy which existed outside the circle of Arab suspects is astronomically large.  The only reason why this isn't accepted as common knowledge is because the media is controlled by the same political interests who enabled the attacks to succeed.        
John White
I love Ramzpaul, but when it comes to 911 truth, he has obviously done no research. "Pool balls, dominoes?" Come on Ramz, this is by far your dumbest video.
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freedom of speech..NAY!
wow that pool analogy has fuck all to do with anything
Gregory Martyn
It was the Mossad. I have seen demolition in Las Vegas several and have studied demolition for many years. 9/11 was absolutly a demo job!
Not necessarily - I was just offering a reason as to why he was detained. 
I think he was probably put in a mental facility because of the possibility of PTSD.
tardy teddy
I am the new messenger of Allah and I am banning Islam and the worship of the false Prophet Mohammed . PS.. The Prophet Mohammed died with worms in his mouth .
LOL - well done - very funny - but its not funny when its true Dino
No, what we were supposed to believe was the neocon lie that Crazy, Evil Muslim Extremists destroyed the WTC for no good reason because they are against our "freedoms" and "hate democracy." When in fact, we were attacked because of our support of the Israeli Colonization, our military bases in Sovereign Arab Countries, our destructive "Oil First" policies, our aggression in Somalia, our Globalist Capitalism, and our support of DICTATORS that take away the freedom of Arabs (like Hosni Mubarak.)
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