How to Apply Thermal Paste the Kentucky Way





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Published on Aug 22, 2012

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Thermal paste is the easiest thing in the world to install. Just gob a heaping helping on top of your CPU, smack that heat sink in there, and blam! It's all good.

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Comments • 876

Digital Hermit
Instructions not clear enough. My cat caught fire.
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intensity digital
+EpicBoy90 glad too hear it
intensity digital
+Deathtopaper but is he ok?
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Teh Black Ninja Productions
As my board doesn't have any orange lava parts, that means I can apply as much as I want and not worry, right?
+peter hilton Sounds like a typical Saturday night, amirite? ;)
peter hilton
No! The other colors are magical sprites! If your toothpaste goes on the magical sprites, they will go up into your pants!
Duffel Bag Full of Tech
Why does my PC shutdown when I play Battlefield 3 on low settings? I followed your instructions thoroughly.
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Duffel Bag Full of Tech
+dalmation black Oh, shit.
dalmation black
+Duffel Bag Full of Tech Shit works too.
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instructions unclear got my male dog pregnant.
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H. H Honors
+Kayleigh Williams Did it the Tennessee way. Got my penis stuck in my clock.
samir sinanovic
+Kayleigh Williams That comment made my day.
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Wait, is this a joke video? Just used toothpaste..
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+threetwozeronine othername Celcius or Centigrade.... [°F] = [°C] × 9⁄5 + 32 there you go, got you the formula to calculate it to imperial too
threetwozeronine othername
+ImNotAfk its only 70 C. I don't know what "C" means but it's currently 70 degrees indoors, so... I'm sure it's fine.
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World Known
Even though this is an AMD system.... I still cringed. I mean look at all that toothpaste you wasted.
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shintel and novideo have no chance now
World Known
+AmazingFagit Being first certainly doesn't mean being best.
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Gargoyle Named Lexington
Will sensodyne toothpaste work?
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The King
What about the one with tartar control?
+Infernape7890 no colgate is best but crest works too
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Now that's how you do Water-Cooling too! Just put your components under the tap with water running. Easy cooling easy life.
Dennis Frings
+ShadowwwLFS Distilled water taps are in every lab, just set up your PC there!
..if your tap dispensed distilled water, mineral oil, or, even better, 3M Novec 1230 that would actually work quite well :3 Sadly such taps exist only in my fantasies :(
temps better than chocolate? (95Celsius) ?
corey horner
i got lost at step 2 and got my dick suck in the xbox trey 
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Also, by the way Rick, I'm an athiest
I didn't have one lying around, so I used a toaster. Now I have to explain why I got my dick stuck in a toaster. help?
This is what the eject button is for. 
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