Minecraft - "Survival Island" Part 5: Food and Shelter (and Zombies)





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Published on Jan 6, 2011

While waiting for Notch to fix Nether Portals in Survival Multiplayer, Simon and Lewis vow to continue bringing you Minecraft videos by trying out "custom maps".

First off, "Survival Island" a tough challenge where you have to survive on a desert island with limited resources! Lewis and Simon are playing this IRONMAN, which means if either of them die, they fail.

Survival Island Scenario: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtop...
Dokus' RPG texture pack: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtop...

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Comments • 7,462

Euan Taylor
like if you remember when this channel was called bluexephos
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Euan Taylor like when you didn't see so many comments that said like if you...
I only started watching when they had volts going
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Like is your watching in 2015
View all 14 replies
^ like his comment if you are also watching in 2017 like me xD ~mega
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jimi Helo
They took their "little break" to make that big ass air ship at 3:47
View all 6 replies
+jimi Helo 2:36 too just behind the clouds.
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Ari The Psycho Nerd
Don't you just hate it when your little boy grows into like 17 little boys? I know I do. #Relatable
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Ari The Psycho Nerd
+Joshua Faces Ikr?!?
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James Cunningham
Like if you think that shadow if israphel was the best series 
You've Probably Seen Me Before...
Why did you comment this on a Survival Island video?
Gabagel K
3 years, and all you guys are still commenting their mistakes..
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+Gabagel STUDIO Insecurity Intensifies I think it's because everybody was too young to notice all of them then. . .
2GUD4U FingerBoards
+Gabagel Cooper More like 60% because they spell like shit
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Dr. FrankenDerp
Can we all please commemorate 9:50
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+Pixel my bad, at 3:48
commemerate at 3:50, what is that floating ship in the sky? oh wait. this was sattire and planned
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Joe -_-
lewis' torch placement back in the day XD gooood times
It's still the same
Ella Fannon
Lewis's horrible torch placing is fucking killing me.
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Competine - Lea
+TheCasualCT I knew how to place torches nicely when I started playing Minecraft (Beta) - methodical person.
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This was when the yogscast was good

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