[SWTOR] Datacrons of Corellia (Empire) - A Guide by Degren of Friends and Pals! [HD]





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Published on Jan 8, 2012

A guide to the Datacrons of Corellia, specifically for Empire players.

You need the MGGS from Alderaan for one of these!

If at any point I say "Follow the path" I mean the brownish/yellowish path on your map/mini-map OR the only direction you can go. I will not say "Follow the path" otherwise! And if you still don't believe me, watch my minimap after I say it!

***Incidentally the paths on Corellia are *terrible* so when I pull up the map, PAUSE IT. I'll trace a route to the location from the tram spots, but its very likely that will not be long enough without making this video 10 hours long***

The Datacrons / Important Locales in Order of Appearance:

+4 Willpower - Galactic History 79: The Conclave at Katarr
Cursor -2288, 2882 Player -2296, -35

Blue Matrix Shard - Galactic History 62: The Great Sith War Ends
Cursor -2302, -999 Player -2308, -95

+4 Strength - Galactic History 82: Darth Traya's Return
Cursor -2811, -2052 Player -2812, -70

+4 Cunning - Galactic History 81: The Battle of Telos Four
Cursor -2434, -3104 Player -2431, -76

Green Matrix Shard - Galactic History 61: The Brotherhood is Broken
Cursor 452, -1837 Player 412, -1830
(Red Crystal on the way there) Cursor 754, -2245 Player 751, 34

+4 Aim - Galactic History 78: The Sith Triumvirate
Cursor 3061, -1695 Player 3058, 224

+4 Presence - Galactic History 80: A Return from Exile
Cursor 3254, -3103 Player 3259, 264

From MultiTWfan, regarding patch 1.2 changes to getting the Presence 'cron:
Ok for the +4 presence got to co-ords 3510, -3210 in the republic area shown in the above video. then:
1. Kill the jedi elite
2. Stand next to the railing where the jedi was in the vertical centre of the grate area you are on.
3. Look over the edge of the railing, you will see a tiny ledge jutting out and the end of a pipe just jutting out beyond that.
4. Turn off sprint and hit / to turn on walk mode.
5. Jump carefully on to the railing over the ledge, turn around to face back towards the area you just jumped off.
6. Walk backwards onto the ledge then again to drop down on to the edge of the pipe, you will see the datacron straight ahead of you.


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