Kikyou & Kagome alone in a cave [FULL EPISODE!]





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Published on Jan 28, 2006

Hope you all enjoy :)

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Auria Metal
I know that Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyou, however I can never see them as the same person in a sense. They're both uniquely different and that's what I like about the two of them. I think that's why there's a Kagome vs Kikyou war going on. They both are different, so people treat and see them differently. I personally am not part of the Kagome vs Kikyou war since they are on the same side and do become friends. :/ I'm just not the type to pin heroes or friends against each other. I like both characters and take their personalities as they are. In fact, I actually wanted the two to get along eventually, I mean they are kinda like twin sisters. ^^
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Auria Metal
Poison Bunny Shadow I agree. Both have the same soul but Kikyo and Kagome lived very different lives which is why their personalities are different. I like both Kikyo and Kagome though I prefer Inuyasha and Kagome as a couple. Though I'm sure if Kikyo have lived, he would have chosen both to be his girlfriends.
Poison Bunny Shadow
Auria Metal They were never meant to be the same. Kagome goes from a time where everything was handed to her. Kikyo was about duty not living life. Sad for both. I always like Kikyo more than Kagome. she is why my first YouTube account was named after her
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Dorcree T
Kikyo is so elegant in everything she does. Kagome take notes.
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Diana Forever
Kikyo Is understandably 55 while Kagome is only 15, so no, Kikyo should take notes because she acts like a colossal bitch most of the time, although towards the end she becomes much more likable, not as likable as Kagome sadly.
Téja Frikha
Dorcree T wtf kikyo is not elegant. She's just so full of herself. So much. Kagome is more human.
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Cindy Yan
Kagome is kikyo but with different personalities! Kikyo is kagome cuz they share the same soul!!! Quit the fighting!!
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Aspects of your personality changes depending on the environment.
Shinto and Buddhism are Japan's two dominate major religions today and in the past.
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I remember watching this episode and really loving Kagome more after this, especially after Kikyo trapped her to the tree and made her watch her almost take Inuyasha to the underworld and Kagome put that aside to save her ,which she didn't have to, 'cause like Kikyo said, she was already dead.
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Anime Lover15
Kokoro Pororo I don't hate Kagome at all! They are both unique and special in similar yet different ways.
Tara i Andjela youtube
Kokoro Pororo I don't hate Kagome in fact that I just love her.Kikyo and Kagome are sharing the same soul but the are different and I love Kagome more than Kikyo a 100 %!!
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This episode is amazing!! I don't get it what people are fighting for. Kikyo and Kagome both are amazing girls. You can see it from this episode.
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Rupal Negi
Ari yo sis correct
Jing Ming Rong
+Dorcree T That's what I always believed, if Naraku never came to me, Kikyou and Inuyasha would been together. Then again there is no story. Choosing tragedy or normal happiness....hmmm
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Okay, for those that are just hating cuz Kagome is annoying, like think over again. I kinda take Kagome's side, but, just letting you know, I don't have problems with Kikyo cuz she had her own problems.  so first of all, this controversy is kinda childish lol...i'll just go along with it though.  Second of all, you do know that Kagome is younger than Kikyo...? Plus, she's like 15, which means she's right in the middle of her adolescence. Teen girls who are in their adolescent years have difficulties with their emotions, but Kagome is definitely doing a great job controlling it. (Note that Kikyo is an adult-18 years old) Going through all kinds of adventures and happenings, it should be difficult for the younger one. I'm actually impressed with Kagome's strong mental. She manages to control and take responsibilities of herself in both worlds: studying and doing what she has to do for the modern world, and taking care of her friends&others and mastering her major role in taking care of the jewel&arrows in the Sengoku period. I mean, isn't it already tiring to live in the modern day? Third of all, I saw some people complaining about Kagome's "sit boy" thing. IT'S FOR HUMOROUS PURPOSES. Please don't take them seriously. If you don't like that, then watch other animes with less humor sense. Fourth of all(last), some people might see Kagome a little annoying in this episode, and let me tell you, watch the subbed version. It should alter your mind a little. ohhhh, in addition to this, stop fighting over who Inuyasha loves more. People say first love for guys(and girls too) is never truly forgotten and remains as something very important to them. Also, considering this, look on the positive side. Inuyasha started his love with Kikyo, but lived on with Kagome. They are both precious to him. And to add on, Kagome is Kikyo in her reincarnated form...
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ashley star
say to be honest not tbh its lazy
Jing Ming Rong
I have to agree on these basis, Kagome was created to see Inuyasha again on better circumstances ex:(not being a Miko, the whole reason why Kikyou wanted to become an ordinary human).
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Mia Dowd
This episode drastically changed my view of Kikyo. I originally hated her because she was such a bitch to Kagome and I was a InuKag shipper (still am), but this showed a different side to her. She was actually kind and selfless towards Kagome and in the end acknowledged Inuyasha's love for both of them. Even though she's dead, she still seemed to grow through both personality AND maturity (you can say what you want about her being so mature. She wanted Kagome dead so she could have Inuyasha. That was petty and immature as hell). So I gained respect for them both
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Lucas Hood
Mia Dowd do you know what ep it is???
Creative Motives
Same but i still dislike a bit kikyo. im part of Inukag
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Cant Kikyo just absorb Kagome or something to come back to life for real. Then everyone is happy.
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This made me laugh harder than it should've. But yes, that would've been a perfect ending.
Rainbow Raven
Anime Lover15 yeah not all the good characters can live. Sadly it wasn't Mioga that died.
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sima naila
Well I think that the episode was really enjoyable  I'm a fan of Kagoma as I am not a fan of Kikyo, but I appreciate their place in the heart of inuyasha The duo have had a great influence in his life  Kikyo was the first to make him trusts himself when he was shunned by humans and monsters   Kagoma has managed to  change his life she taught him how to love genuinely constitute a friend how to forgive how to cry .........  but I prefer Kagome more because she's  best and honest.....look at what she said in 18.40 she has done everything for the person who loves him even though she feels jealous of Kikyo I don't think that one of us was going to do something like that For this  I can not love them equally ... I feel that Kikyo elevated too much about her decisions and feelings
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mari ana
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Pony Studio
when I first saw the title, I was all like: Well that's not going to turn out well 😂😂😂
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