Vindictus Lvl 42 Scythe Evie Holy Ground Flawless Solo in 3 Minutes





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Published on Jul 5, 2012

Hi everyone, My IGN name is Aikyo and I'm new to Vindictus. I played this game cuz some of its fights recalled me to the time I played Monster Hunter. It has those bosses in monster sizes and they look really cool. It is also realistic to some extent. Like, with one powerful blow by the boss you think you would be flown and killed and you will be; to recover your hp by using hp potions you have to stand still and wait for the movement to complete, which, I know is annoying but sense making. The essence of the game is that it is skill-based because the players are so fragile that you wouldn't stand a chance facing a boss if you do not know its movements and act recklessly.

Well I have to admit that I felt a bit disappointed about Vindictus and complained on its relatively low difficulty at the first time. This was because of the benefits I gained from Monster Hunter, such as fast reaction and movement analysis of the bosses'. They gave me a good start in Vindictus and I never hit a wall until I met the Emperor. So far it was the first quest I had failed more than twice. I played this quest from Lvl 40 till I reached Lvl 43 in order to master a fast kill. Below I'll list a few suggestions on how to fast solo the Emperor with a scythe. For those who are still stuck on soloing and want to clear the quest only, please go to another of my Emperor Solo videos "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQiup4...", it's a much safer and secured play.

Ok, let's get started. First to introduce you about my equipments and skill builds. I did this solo with a Rose Set and a Ruin Scythe. Skills I had were Intelligence Mastery, Magic Mastery, Smash Mastery and Blink. I followed the Scythe Evie Guild on Vindictuswiki and built my char exactly as it recommended. It was not until Lvl 43 I went to the Mercenary Outpost and checked that I knew I had a lot of useful skills available to learn, such as Mask of Death and Bloody Thread. Therefore, skills used in this video were simple and merely L, LLR, LLLLR and Blink -- it's not that I didn't use other skills, it's just I hadn't got those skills. LOL.

Suggestions on fast soloing the Emperor using scythe:
1. Keep a relatively close distance from the Emperor, i.e. about a distance of ONE JUMP. At this distance, the Emperor is more likely to attack you with a double-slash. The double-slash is one of his major weaknesses as it is very short in attack range and long lasted that you have plenty of time to use LLR then jump away before he can make his next move. Getting too close from the Emperor you are vulnerable to attack while getting too far away the Emperor will change his attack pattern as you can see at 1:12 I jumped backwards and the emperor attacked me with a fireball instead of a double-slash.

2. Consider Blink as a part in an attack combo. Many players I saw in youtube videos used Blink in circumstance of escape only. This not only limited the growth of your skill but also made the battle longer and hence harder. Remember, the best defence is a strong offence.

3. You can ignore those trash mobs the Emperor summoned if you want to fast complete the battle. Your smash on the Emperor will kill some nearby mobs and the Emperor's powerful long range shockwave will do the rest of the job for you. But please keep in mind that you probably will get hit by the mobs if you stay at one point for over three seconds -- this happens mostly when you are using LLLLR on the weakened Emperor. So, constantly change position while performing LLLLR to avoid being attacked.

4. Preserve and restore your stamina whenever you can. Blink uses the most amount of stamina among all the skills you have, therefore management of your stamina bar will be a crucial. Try using jumps instead of shift-run or blink to parry attacks such as the double-slash and the vanish-and-get-you-from-behind trick.

5. You know how flawless videos are made, so please spend a few seconds to give a Like if you find this video enjoyable. Many thanks and I will see you in my next video :P


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