People Hate Skateboarders 2





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Published on Dec 21, 2009

the second installment showing how people just really dont like skaters.

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What I've learned from skate vids so far: 1. in the USA everything is privat proooaaapaatyy 2. holding a skateboard in your hands apparently is skating too 3. skating gets you arrested or at least harrased
Pelle Stig-Andersen
come to scandinavia and skate.
Colin Puffer
The problem is that most skaters aren't punks like some of these in the video, most are really respectful and calm. It's only because the videos giving skaters a bad name are the only popular videos, and that's why people feel like every skater on earth is a piece of shit 
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Jadon Walters
+Haim Maik filming someone doesn't give you the reason to commit a crime, and half these people were yelled at for swearing, which isn't illegal
Haim Maik
+Riley Freeman Well, they enter private properties with a camera and filming the owners... that alone is a reason enough to break their face, just saying.
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These bitches just jealous cause they just old and when ever they drop in they land in there asses and that last clip shit that cop was a fucking dick 
River Fantuz
Look at your profile pic, chage it, then come back and prpost that comment
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UnicornGeek Scotty
JD Animations We ARE outcasts… just the cool ones! But I agree COMPLETELY! Ppl are so rude. Like the guy who said he'd break his neck on the skateboard, but he's the one who tripped him.
JD Animations
Shut up most skaters are calm like me and we hate people like you who think we're outcasts and little punks so leave us alone and get a life other then watching YouTube on you sofa and go outside then u might realise that skaters are not bad
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Mike Dalley
No wonder people hate you, your just a bunch of smart mouthed little douchbags
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Mike Dalley
+trevor roddy it's not just people like me, it's everyone who's seen this type of clip realizes your a bunch of arse holes who gives a fuck if your an honnor student. go get a real job you pussy
trevor roddy
It's because of people like you that make people skeptical about skaters I'm an all a honors student in the 8th grade and I ride a skateboard 2 detentions in life and no referrals or calls home nothing so F off
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Magnum Amaechi
Skateboarders are very annoying.!!!!!!!!!!
Hamish Dow
Not all just a a fair few are which sucks because they are what causes people to say exactly what you are saying I hate the smartassed ones just as much as you might because they give the respectful skaters a bad reputation
Longest Yeah Boy Ever 10 Hours
Somebody knows the name of the last clip?
Cameron Anderson
If I was in a situation like that I would've beating the shit out of anybody who touched my stuff. 
ғᴏʀ ᴍᴇ
+Cameron Anderson  I would stay away from your stuff then. O_o
Sergei Ivanovich Mosin
When is the government gonna finally legalize shooting skateboarders?
Sergei Ivanovich Mosin What the fuck, most of these are just kids.
Hy i hang with skates if someone hits me everyone helps
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